Who are his former girlfriends?

Craig Tinker has been on Coronation Street since 2011. But who is Craig and who are his former girlfriends?

On today’s episode of Corrie (Wednesday February 17), Faye Craig said she wanted to try their relationship again.

Faye wanted to try her relationship with Craig all over again (Credit: ITV)

But what happened between them? And who are Craig’s former friends?

Craig Tinker Coronation Street: Who are his former girlfriends?

In 2015, Craig took Kirk Beth, Tyrone and Charles on a camping trip to Wales, where he met a girl named Caitlin.

Caitlin was the daughter of the character Dougie Ryan, played by Paddy McGuinness.

Craig and Caitlyn got close quickly, and after the camping trip she visited the cobblestones a few times to see him.

Caitlin was Craig’s first girlfriend (Credit: ITV)

In 2016, Caitlyn and Craig ended their relationship after receiving an offer from a university.

In 2017, Craig was inducted into the police force and his girlfriend Bethany Platt revealed that she had been raped by officer Neil Clifton, who was friends with Nathan Curtis.

Nathan and Neil were sent to jail. But in 2018 a girl named Kayla joined Speed ​​Daal and immediately became interested in Craig.

What Craig didn’t know, however, was that Kayla was Neil’s daughter and she was only trying to get close to him and Bethany, believing her father had been falsely accused.

Craig later went on with Kayla Clifton without knowing she was using him (Credit: ITV)

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Kayla discovered that Craig had obsessive-compulsive disorder and started using it against him. Eventually, Kayla abducted Bethany and Craig found out she was Neil’s daughter.

She played Kayla on the tape of Neil’s confession and she denied her father. When Craig realized that Kayla was just using it, he was heartbroken.

Craig and Faye’s relationship

Craig and Faye have been close friends for many years.

In 2015, Faye noticed she had gained some weight and Craig suggested that she could be pregnant.

Faye took a test that turned out positive and she told Craig they had to keep their pregnancy a secret.

Craig supported Faye when she was pregnant (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

But when Faye went into labor just two months later, she asked Craig to fetch her mother, Anna.

At first, Owen Armstrong believed Craig was the father of Faye’s baby, whom she named Miley.

However, Faye later revealed that her classmate Jackson Hodge was Miley’s father.

Craig supported Faye when she decided not to raise Miley and handed her over to Jackson and his parents.

Faye told Craig what Ray did to her (Credit: ITV)

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The two remained friends over the years, but last year he asked her if she wanted to be more.

They began to see each other. However, when Ray Crosby pressured Faye to sleep with him and then tried to rape her, she broke up with Craig, feeling like she had cheated on him.

But now she wants to try again. Could Faye and Craig get their happy ending?

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