Who are Martin’s kids in EastEnders? How many does he have?

On today’s episode of EastEnders (Thursday, Jan. 7), Ruby tells Martin she is pregnant. But who are Martin’s children?

Recently, Ruby said to Martin that she wanted them to have a baby. However, he was not thrilled with the idea as he already has four children.

But who are they all?

Martin has become a father figure to Stacey Fowler’s children (Credit: BBC)

Who are Martin’s kids in EastEnders?

Martin has two biological children: Bex Fowler and Hope Fowler. He was also the stepfather of Stacey’s children, Lily and Arthur.

But even though Martin and Stacey split up, he still sees them as his own children.

EastEnders: Martin’s Children – Bex Fowler

Bex is the daughter of Martin and Sonia Jackson, born in 2000.

When they were young teenagers, Martin and Sonia slept together. This resulted in Sonia becoming pregnant with Bex.

When Sonia gave birth to her daughter, she named her Chloe. Chloe was put up for adoption where she was renamed Rebecca.

Bex is Martin’s oldest child (Image credit: BBC)

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In 2005, Bex’s adoptive parents, Neil and Sue, died in a car accident. She then moved in with Sue’s mother Margaret.

After Margaret’s death, she lived with Martin and his mother Pauline. Eventually Martin and Sonia got back together and raised Bex together.

Lily Slater and Arthur Fowler Jr.

Lily is Martin’s ex-stepdaughter (Image credit: BBC)

Lily’s biological father is Ryan Malloy. She was born in 2010. When Stacey and Martin got together, he became their father figure.

Arthur was conceived when Stacey was having a one night stand with Martin’s best friend Kush Kazemi. This happened a month before Stacey slept with Martin.

Kush is Arthur’s biological father. Martin is also a father figure of the little boy (Credit: BBC)

Arthur was born in 2015. At first Martin believed he was Arthur’s father, but it eventually turned out that Kush was the birth father.

While Kush is still in Arthur’s life, both Kush and Martin are a dad to him.

Hope Fowler

Lily is Martin’s youngest child (Image credit: BBC)

Hope was born in 2017 and is the daughter of Stacey and Martin.

Hope was born prematurely after Stacey had a fit fit.

Stacey and Martin

Stacey and Martin split for good in 2019 after saying he cheated on her with Sonia.

Stacey is the mother of Lily, Arthur and Hope (Image Credit: BBC)

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It was a lie, however, and he only told Stacey this so that she would stay away from Walford and Ben Mitchell who were trying to hurt her.

She returned to Albert Square last year after discovering that Martin was dating her best friend Ruby.

Ruby and Martin went on a trip and shocked everyone when they returned home and got married.

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