Who has dated pregnant Gabby in the past?

Emmerdale character Gabby Thomas discovers that she is pregnant in the episode tonight (Thursday, February 18). But who has she already made an appointment with?

A couple of weeks ago, Gabby and Jamie spent the night together. But after that, Jamie refused her, calling their night together a drunken mistake.

On tonight’s double bill, Gabby tells Laurel that her period is too late. Laurel suggests that her stepdaughter take a pregnancy test to be sure.

Gabby discovers she is pregnant (Image credit: ITV)

When the result is positive again, Gabby is concerned and tells Laurel that the father does not want anything to do with her or the baby.

She later tells Jamie that she is pregnant with his child.

Who else was Gabby with over the years besides Jamie?

Emmerdale: Who has Gabby dated in the past?

When she was younger, Gabby dated Jacob Gallagher.

During her teenage years, Gabby became more rebellious.

One day Jacob stole vodka from David’s shop and brought it to Gabby’s house while Laurel and Gabby’s father Ashley were out.

Gabby had an in-and-out relationship with Jacob during her teenage years (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

The two teenagers wanted to have sex, but when Laurel returned home she found Gabby and Jacob in a compromise with a condom and threw Jacob out.

After that, Laurel, Ashley, and Bernice forbade her to see Jacob.

Gabby struggled when she learned that her father had dementia. After visiting his nursing home and seeing him bond with another woman, she was injured.

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Soon Gabby and Liv were going to school to hang out at Gabby’s with their schoolmates Josh and Jamie.

Gabby had sex with Josh. But when Laurel got home she was angry. And after finding out they slept in Ashley and Ashley’s bed together, she hit Gabby.

Gabby, Jacob and Liv

In 2018, on Valentine’s Day, Liv met Jacob in the cricket pavilion for Gabby.

Liv told Gabby that she was asexual but kissed her to make sure she wasn’t a lesbian.

Liv kissed Gabby to see if she was interested in girls (Credit: ITV)

When Gabby saw Jacob and Liv hug each other on Liv’s 16th birthday, Gabby was furious and believed that something was going on between them.

Gabby gave Liv a henna tattoo and it was announced at her birthday party that she said “prostitute”.

Emmerdale – Jamie Tate

Last year Gabby slept with someone after a college event.

She made it clear to Leyla that he had turned her down after sleeping with this boy. However, it turned out that she was saying this to get Leyla’s attention, and it was she who turned him down.

Jamie is the father of Gabby’s child (Image Credit: ITV)

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After Gabby got a job at The Hide, she became interested in Jamie Tate.

After a few drinks, the two slept together. But now Gabby is pregnant with his child. What will she do next?

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