Who is Abraham and why did ITV2 viewers call him rude?

Cabins candidate Abraham left viewers in disgust when he burped and farted while on a date.

In the last episode of the ITV2 show, the 21-year-old couldn’t restrict his bodily functions while enjoying dinner with the love interest Sofia.

As the two sat down to eat, Abraham gave a big burp and did not apologize.

The Abraham of the Cabins left viewers in disgust during last night’s show (Credit: ITV2)

What happened at The Cabin last night?

To make matters worse, the architecture student later farted in front of Sofia before declaring, “My bum is wet naked.”

After allowing himself to be torn apart, he waved it in front of his competitor while making facial expressions.

Within minutes, the couple decided they shouldn’t, which meant they both had to leave the show.

But it is safe to say that Abraham made a lasting impression on the audience.

Abraham cut off their conversation to break the wind (credit: ITV2)

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What did the audience say?

ITV viewers were appalled by Abraham’s manners.

On Twitter one said: “If I were Abraham, I would have held that fart until I started floating in the air like a balloon! #TheCabins. “

Another wrote: “That was not good for Abraham at all. He practically wanted to make Sophia his girlfriend. The way he talks about his ex, the burping on the date and the awkwardness, it looks like things aren’t going to work out for Abraham and Sophia. “

A third added: “I had roots for Abraham in the beginning, what a shame how he turned out! #TheCabins. “

A fourth complained, “Abraham speaks and says that instead of being rude, you don’t feel it !! Disgusting #TheCabins @ itv2. ”

Another tweeted, “If Abraham hasn’t given Sofia the ick yet, that fart has.”

What is the huts and who is Abraham?

The show, dubbed “Winter Love Island,” aims to restore old-school dating.

During the series, each participant spends 24 hours in a booth with another hopeful.

Sofia was disgusted with Abraham’s manners at dinner (credit: ITV2)

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After getting to know each other in their cozy, snow-covered environment, they can decide when to stay connected – or move on to the next participant.

Before leaving last night, Abraham admitted that he was looking for a “once in a lifetime” experience.

He said, “I can play the guitar. I bought it from me.

“I can dance. I say this with a lot of confidence, but yeah … being entertaining and looking like the clown, that’s my region.”

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