Who is Charity Dingle in Emmerdale and is Vanessa coming back?

Charity Dingle arrived in Emmerdale with cousin Cain and her uncle Shadrach in early 2000 for the funeral of their cousin Butch.

She stole Eric Pollard’s wallet and tagged cousin Sam for it – and has been causing trouble ever since.

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More than 20 years later, Charity is an important part of Emmerdale, popular with fans and has been the focus of so many dramas in its time that it’s hard to keep track of it.

Mack and Charity are now publicly known (Image: ITV)

When her relationship with Mack Boyd became public, fans made no secret of the fact that they were not impressed. They dearly want Charity’s true love, Vanessa, to return.

But what is Charity’s story before Vanessa and Mack? Who is she married to? And how many children does she have?

Charity Dingle’s first husband

Not long after Charity Dingle arrived in Emmerdale, Charity began a relationship with the manor Chris Tate.

At first it was a purely business arrangement – Pretty Woman style – but when Chris’ sister Zoe offered Charity £ 5000 to leave, she found she had developed feelings for her “boss” and the couple really began dating.

Charity married Chris Tate (Image: ITV / Shutterstock)

As tension increased between Charity and Zoe, things took a surprising turn when the women began an affair. Charity ended their romance when Zoe got too hot, but her former lover didn’t take it well and threatened to tell Chris the truth.

When Charity and Chris got engaged, Zoe blackmailed Charity. But she told Chris the truth and the couple were handcuffed.

However, when Charity cheated on Cain with her cousin, Chris took brutal revenge. He killed himself and blamed Charity for his murder, and she went to jail.

Charity and Tom King

When she was released from prison, Charity began a romance with Home Farm’s new owner, Tom King. He suggested, but his daughter-in-law Sadie was determined to get rid of Charity.

She hired Cain to start charity. He kissed his ex, a photographer snapped the evidence, and Sadie gave the pictures to Tom. He was furious and left Charity at the altar.

Not long after that, Charity left the village.

Another doomed wedding

When Debbie Dingle – Charity’s daughter – crashed her secret friend Michael Conway’s wedding in 2009 in hopes to keep him from marrying anyone else, she was horrified to find out that his bride was Charity!

Debbie and Cain told Michael all about Charity’s shocking past and he ran!

Cain and Charity Dingle reunited in Emmerdale

After being on and off with Charity Dingle in Emmerdale since her teens, she and Cain got back together and Charity proposed.

Cain secretly arranged the wedding, but Charity wasn’t impressed and admitted she didn’t want to say yes. Another wedding that shouldn’t be!

Charity and Jai Sharma

For a while, it looked like Charity met the love of her life when she settled down with Jai Sharma. They married and were happy – for a while.

Charity married Jai
Charity and Jai have been happy for a while (Image: ITV)

But Jai didn’t want a baby and charity, which caused problems for the couple. And when he had a one night stand with Rachel Breckle and she got pregnant, that was the curtain on another of Charity’s marriages.

Marriage to Declan Macey

The day former lover Cain married Moira Barton, Charity married Declan Macey. The two partners were as bad as the other, and their romance was built on lies and deception from the start.

Charity and Declan were as bad as each other (Image: ITV / Shutterstock)

So it was no surprise when Declan died after attempted murder, poisoning and a dramatic water confrontation and Charity was single again.

Charity Dingle finds true love with Vanessa Woodfield in Emmerdale?

Much to the delight of fans, Charity began a romance with veterinarian Vanessa Woodfield in 2017. It quickly became clear that the couple should be together.

They got engaged, but Charity had to keep Vanessa waiting when son Ryan disappeared, so Vanity never tied the knot.

Fans desperately hoping for a Vanity reunion (Image credit: ITV)

Despite their ups and downs, Charity and Vanessa should be. Until Charity Mackenzie Boyd smooched and destroyed everything.

An injured Vanessa might have overcome a kiss, but the web of lies that Charity had spun was too much and Vanessa went apart for some time.

Charity and Mackenzie Boyd

Mack and Charity are always up to no good (Credit: ITV)

Charity has started a sexual relationship with Mack since she left, and they were outed in front of everyone on Thursday October 21st.

New spoilers reveal that the couple will soon be forging more mischief when looking at rich Chloe as their next target.

So is Charity’s relationship with Mack the final nail in the coffin for her true love for Vanessa?

We know Vanessa will return at some point as actress Michelle Hardwick returns from maternity leave. But can you leave the past behind and start over?

The fans are very hopeful and are demanding that Vanessa come back soon.

Who are Charity Dingle in Emmerdale’s children?

When Charity was 13, she slept with cousin Cain and later gave birth to a daughter who she put up for adoption. After she got to Emmerdale, she and Cain were reunited with their daughter Debbie.

Charity also has a teenage son, Noah, whose father is Chris Tate, and another boy named Moses, whose father Ross Barton is in trouble. She is also the adoptive mother of Vanessa’s son Johnny.

Charity had Debbie when she was just 13 (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

In 2018, Charity found out that the son she had as a teenager was alive and not dead as she thought. She was reunited with Ryan.

Charity towards DI Bails

In some of the most harrowing and gripping scenes from Emmerdale in 2018, Charity bravely faced their abuser and seedy cop, DI Mark Bails, on trial.

In flashbacks, viewers learned that Charity was held captive by Bails and abused by him and his friends. And Charity was relieved when Bails got into jail.

Charity took their perpetrator to court (Photo credit: ITV)

Right now, Charity is planning to rip off more rich people with Mack.

Can she ever be happy in love and not intrigue? We’re not sure if it’s in their DNA to be good, are we?

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