Who is Charlie Brooks playing in the new thriller?

Charlie Brooks stars in the Channel 5 thriller Lie With Me, and it looks like it’s going to be a great watch.

The series, announced earlier this year, marks a small turning point for 40-year-old Charlie.

But what is Lie With Me about and when is she coming back to EastEnders?

Charlie stars in the new Channel 5 drama Lie With Me (Image: Channel 5)

What is “Lie With Me” with Charlie Brooks about?

In Lie With Me, Charlie plays Anna Fallmont – half of a couple who decide to move to Australia to revive their marriage.

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The relationship is due to infidelity on the last legs.

Anna and her husband hire a young local nanny who is not as innocent as it seems, which has fatal consequences.

Other actors include neighbors star Brett Tucker and newcomer Phoebe Roberts. Expect to see it on Channel 5 very soon.

Lie with Me Janine Butcher EastEnder's return confirmed: New pics of star Charlie Brooks on the Walford set
Janine comes back on the pitch (Credit: BBC)

Is Charlie returning to EastEnders?

Yes, Charlie is returning to EastEnders to repeat her role as legendary villain Janine Butcher.

To get fit again, Charlie announced that she had given up alcohol.

On Kate Thronton’s podcast, she said, “I partied a lot and really enjoyed it. I thought, ‘It’s time to change. I don’t want to do that anymore. ‘

I partied a lot and enjoyed it a lot. I thought, ‘It’s time to change. I don’t want to do that anymore. ‘

“The acting world is tough and I’ve done some nice things, but you spend most of your time unemployed and you don’t get any jobs.

“Sometimes I have the feeling that the alcohol robs you of your potential.”

Janine is supposed to appear in the soap in “the coming months”.

What plot will Janine be involved in?

They have “a lot of drama in store” for Janine, according to executive producer Jon Sen.

He added, “In fact, some Walford residents may find it advisable to invest in slip-on shoes …”

Meanwhile, he said, “Janine is one of the most iconic characters in EastEnders, loved and often despised by viewers and everyone in Walford alike.

“Charlie’s portrayal of Janine over the years has created some of EastEnders’ most memorable moments, and we’re all excited to have Charlie bring back her incredible portrayal of Janine.”

Is Charlie married and does she have children?

Meanwhile, Charlie recently confirmed on Instagram that she is currently single.

However, the actress has a daughter from her relationship with Tony Truman.

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Teenage girl Kiki Brooks-Truman recently taught TikTok to her mother, with amazing results.

Afterwards, fans couldn’t believe how similar the two were.

A fan said on Instagram: “Oh my God, you are IDENTICAL!”

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