Who is David Wilson? He presents In the Footsteps of the Killer on C4

Professor David Wilson directs the brand new C4 documentary In the Footsteps of the Killer – But Who Is David Wilson?

What is he famous for and where is he from?

Here’s everything you need to know about him and his new TV series.

Emilia Fox and Professor David Wilson are investigating the disappearances of Patrick Warren and David Spencer (Image: C4)

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Who is David Wilson and what is he famous for?

First of all, Professor David Wilson is a former prison director.

The well-known criminologist specializes in serial killers.

David has worked with various British police forces and published books.

His latest book, A Plot to Kill, tells the shocking story of the murder of Peter Farquhar.

He has also written about Harold Shipman, Jack the Ripper, Fred West, and Dennis Nilsen.

And he knows what he’s talking about …

David met some of Britain’s most notorious offenders while at HMP Woodhill – including Charles Bronson.

The former university professor has also appeared as an expert on television several times.

Hence, television viewers recognize him as one of the UK’s leading criminologists.

What else has appeared?

After all, David appears regularly as a commentator and presenter on television and radio.

He writes for The Guardian and the Daily Mail.

David presented four series of The Crime Squad for BBC One as well as Leave No Trace and Too Young to Die?

On BBC Two he presented Who Killed Ivan the Terrible? and was an expert on the game show Identity.

On C5, he hosted Banged Up, which was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award.

He also developed and presented two series of Killers Behind Bars: The Untold Story.

TV viewers know him best for the presentation of Interview with a Murderer on C4.

This focused on the murder of Carl Bridgewater.

Patrick Warren and David Spencer
Emilia Fox and Professor David Wilson re-examine cold cases in On the Trail of the Murderers (Image: C4)

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How old is David Wilson and where is he from?

Professor David Wilson was born on April 23, 1957.

He is currently 64 years old.

David is originally from Sauchie, Clackmannanshire, Scotland.

He actually grew up on a dairy farm outside of Carluke in South Lanarkshire.

He was directly recruited from Cambridge to serve on Her Majesty’s Prison Service as Deputy Governor of HMP Wormwood Scrubs in 1984.

At 29, he was the country’s youngest governor.

Is David Wilson Married?

David Wilson is married to the lawyer Anne.

The couple live in Bucks and have two children.

Who is David Wilson?
Professor David Wilson often appears as an expert on criminology (Image: ITV)

David Wilson in lockdown

David believes the pandemic has made people act “more extreme”.

He said a number of serious crimes were committed because of “an exceptional situation in which people lived their lives”.

As a result of the Covid crisis, criminals adapted to their new found environment.

David believes villains used the “crisis as an opportunity” to insult.

On the trail of the killers on channel 4

Emilia Fox and Professor David Wilson are at the forefront of this new C4 series that explores several unsolved murders.

In each episode, Silent Witness star Emilia and criminologist David Wilson open another cold case.

In the footsteps of the killers use the latest forensic science to gain new knowledge on these troubling cases.

David and Emilia look for new clues that the original investigation may have missed.

Driving to the crime scenes to interview witnesses, suspects, and friends and families of the victims.

Then they try to get an idea of ​​what happened.

In the first episode, the two investigate the disappearance of David Spencer and Patrick Warren in 1996.

He said, “This show will turn real crime in a different direction.

“It uses new criminological techniques to solve unsolved cases that have remained in the dark for too long.

“This real crime is what looks like a crime thriller.

“But we never forget that these are real cases that we are discussing and that real people have died.”

In the footsteps of the killers begins on Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 at 10 p.m. on channel 4.

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