Who is Ethan in Emmerdale? Who is playing it?

In Emmerdale, the new character Ethan makes his first appearance in the second episode tonight (Thursday January 7th).

On her first visit to the Dales, Sarah met Danny, who had just been released from prison, and his friend Mason.

Sarah soon discovered Danny was busy again: Chas spotted a bag of pills on the floor that Mason dropped and assumed it belonged to the boys who were throwing a bachelorette party.

Sarah put the medication in Ethan’s pocket (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Ethan joined his friends at the Woolpack bachelorette party.

Chas called the police on the boys and when Sarah left the pub she put the drugs in Ethan’s jacket.

Ethan was soon arrested. But who is he?

Who is Ethan in Emmerdale?

Ethan is the son of the new Pastor Charles, and his appearance on today’s visit to the Dales will definitely not be the last.

Last November it was announced that Charles and Ethan would be coming to the village.

Charles is Ethan’s father (Image credit: ITV)

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It was revealed that Ethan would be wrongly charged with a crime.

But when Charles finds out what happened, it doesn’t take long before they come into contact with the Dingle family.

Who plays Ethan in Emmerdale?

Ethan is played by actor Emile John. Emmerdale is Emile’s first TV role.

Commenting on participating in the show, the actor said, “Being able to play Ethan is a dream come true.

Ethan is played by actor Emile (Credit: ITV)

“I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility in articulating his struggle with truth and authenticity, and I can only hope that the audience engages him fully in the same way I do.”

What’s next for Ethan?

Next week, Sarah admits to Debbie that she put the drugs in Ethan’s pocket.

Meanwhile, Ethan tells his father, Charles, that he has been suspended from his law firm because of his recent drug arrest.

He worries how this will affect his reputation.

Next week, Ethan announced to his father, Charles, that he has been suspended from his law firm (Credit: ITV).

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Debbie also crosses paths with Charles. He begs Debbie to encourage Sarah to get Ethan’s name out there.

But Debbie warns the pastor to back off and leave him shocked.

Ethan later asks to see the video surveillance at Woolpack from the night he was arrested. But Chas tells him that there are no cameras in this area.

Ethan soon turns Sarah on, making sure she is responsible for it. However, Nate tells him to withdraw.

Emmerdale airs an additional episode on ITV at 7pm on weekdays and an additional episode on Thursdays at 8pm.

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