Who is Gavin in EastEnders? Why do Kathy and Sharon hate him?

Gavin in EastEnders died. Kathy was stunned last night (Monday March 16) and was charged with telling Sharon about it.

But who exactly was Gavin? And why is he such a hated character?

We take a look back at Gavin Sullivan and why he’s such a creepy EastEnders character …

What happened to Gavin?

Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) has just heard that Gavin has passed away.

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She received the shocking phone call while on her shift at the cafe.

EastEnders villain Gavin with Kathy (Image Credit: BBC)

She was told that he is dead and that a memorial will be held that afternoon.

When Ian knows that Sharon’s biological father is dead, she’s not sure whether or not to attend the service.

How does Kathy know Gavin?

Gavin was Kathy’s third husband.

They met after Kathy moved to South Africa to escape her volatile relationship with husband Phil Mitchell.

Gavin and Kathy married in 2001, but the relationship was very abusive and he was brainwashed.

He even convinced her to fake her own death along with his.

Gavin Estender's character
Gavin coerced and manipulated Kathy (Image Credit: BBC)

The plot is based on the real “Canoe Man” story by John and Anne Darwin.

But in 2015, Kathy returned to Albert Square to try and see her children.

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However, Gavin explained her plan and tried to kidnap her.

After Phil tried to get her out of his clutches, Gavin was eventually arrested and reportedly has been in jail ever since.

Who did Gavin kill?

Gavin murdered his own sister, Margaret Midhurst, when she was trying to free Kathy.

He pushed her off a balcony and she fell to her death.

Gavin Sharon Estenders
Sharon was disgusted by Gavin’s revelations (Credit: BBC)

When was Gavin at EastEnders?

Gavin was first mentioned in 1990 when Sharon Watts was hoping to find her birth parents.

However, he didn’t appear on screen until 2015 when he was played by Paul Nicholas for about 30 episodes.

Why does Sharon hate Gavin?

Sharon was adopted by Den and Angie Watts when she was three years old.

Her birth father is Gavin and her birth mother is Carol Henley.

She didn’t meet him until 2015 and was disgusted to find out that their adoption was a deal between Gavin and Den.

He said to her, “I was hardly suited to be a father. I just never made children. “

She found out that Den’s catchphrase, ‘Hello Princess’, was originally said by Gavin.

How did Gavin die in EastEnders?

The exact details of his death remain unconfirmed.

We expect more details of his death to be revealed as the episodes progress this week.

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