Who is Gordon Buchanan? Why is the Cheetah Family & I famous?

Gordon Buchanan MBE presents the moving and exciting two-part documentary Cheetah Family & Me on BBC Two.

58-year-old Gordon follows the plight of the two cheetah mothers Savannah and Chili, who travel through South Africa in search of food for their cubs.

But who is Gordon? And how did he get so famous?

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Here’s everything you need to know about the Scottish documentary filmmaker …

Why is Gordon Buchanan Cheetah Family & Me famous?

Gordon is a multi-award winning documentary filmmaker and wildlife presenter.

Born and raised in Scotland, he was bought up on the Isle of Mull. His rural upbringing led to a strong love for nature. As well as a lifelong appreciation for David Attenborough documentaries.

Gordon with a Wolf on Snow Wolf Family and Me (Image Credit: BBC)

He started out as a wildlife photographer but switched to camera work and then presented himself in the mid-1990s.

His breakthrough came when he directed the hit wildlife series Big Cat Diary and filmed it for SpringWatch.

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Gradually he switched to presenting and now primarily combined his camera work with his presentation skills.

In 2010 he hosted the documentary series The Bear Family & Me. In which he followed a family of wild black bears in their natural habitat in Minnesota, America for over a year.

Gordon with a reindeer BBC two
Gordon with a reindeer on his Reindeer Family and Me document (Image Credit: BBC)

In 2020, Gordon received an MBE from The Queen for contributions to conservation and documentary films.

Is Gordon Buchanan Married?

Gordon is married to Wendy Buchanan. And they share two children, Lola and Harris.

They live in Glasgow and Wendy has appeared as herself in Gordon’s earlier documentaries.

However, he tends to keep his family life fairly private. But he did talk about how much he missed her filming on location.

Gordon Buchanan feeds an abandoned baby bear
Gordon feeds an abandoned baby bear in his 2010 documentary, The Bear Family and Me (Credit: BBC)

What other shows has Gordon presented?

Gordon has an extensive list of documentaries.

He has presented several ‘& Me’ documentaries.

In addition to The Bear Family & Me and its upcoming Cheetah Family series, he has featured many ‘Family & Me’ documents.

These include: The Polar Bear Family & I, The Snow Wolf Family & I, The Gorilla Family & I, and Snow Cats and I – to name a few.

While working as a cameraman on Planet Earth II and as a photographer on Autumnwatch.

When is Cheetah Family & Me?

Cheetah Family & Me begins Tuesday, January 5th at 9 p.m. on BBC Two.

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