Who is he with and who is he married to?

Steve McDonald has been on Coronation Street since December 1989. But who is he, who is his family and how often has he been married?

Steve McDonald on Coronation Street: Who Are His Parents?

Steve is the son of Liz and Jim McDonald. He was born on June 26, 1974.

He has a twin brother named Andy and a baby sister named Katie. Katie was born prematurely on January 1, 1992.

The McDonald Family (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

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She was taken to an incubator but sadly died, leaving her family heartbroken.

The character is played by actor Simon Gregson.

Steve McDonald on Coronation Street: How Many Times Has He Been Married?

Steve was married to five different women seven times. His first wife was Vicky Arden, whom he married in 1995.

She was the wealthy granddaughter of Alec Gilroy and wanted to rebel. But Steve was just after her money after throwing himself into a lot of gambling debt.

Steve and Vicky (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

When he tried to force a stolen load of whiskey on her, she turned to him and had him sent downstairs for two years. They soon got divorced.

He continued to have a relationship with Fiona Middleton, but she left the cobblestones in 1998.

He then married Karen Phillips in 2001, whom he married for a bet. But they realized they really did love each other and divorced so they could get married properly in 2004.

Karen and Steve got married twice (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

The divorce caused disputes between the couple and they broke up briefly. During this time, Steve Tracy Barlow got pregnant.

He met with Karen again, but the truth about Tracy came out at their wedding ceremony.

They married anyway, but the ghost of Tracy was too bearable and Karen collapsed and left town.

Marriages to Becky, Michelle and Tracy

Steve had a number of other relationships, including gangster’s wife, Ronnie Clayton. But eventually, Rover’s barmaid Michelle Connor seemed solid.

He then cheated on Michelle with Becky Granger, whom he married in 2009.

Steve cheated on Michelle with Becky (Image Credit: ITV / Shuttertstock)

When Becky and Steve were planning their divorce, he had another one night stand with Tracy and she became pregnant with twins.

They decided to get married, but she miscarried. She pretended Becky had lost her by pushing her down the stairs.

When Becky presented Tracy’s medical records to the front desk to prove she hadn’t caused the miscarriage, a disgusted Steve immediately ended things with his new bride.

He revived his relationship with Michelle and they got married in 2015.

Michelle and Steve married in 2015 (Image Credit: ITV)

After an argument, Steve slept with Leanne Battersby and she later found out she was pregnant. Steve soon came back with Michelle and she discovered she was pregnant too.

Michelle gave birth to her son Ruairi when he was 23 weeks old and he was pronounced dead shortly after he was born.

Leanne gave birth to a baby boy whom she named Oliver. When the truth about Steve as Oliver’s father came out, Michelle kicked him out.

Steve is now married to Tracy (Image credit: ITV)

He eventually came back with Tracy and they married in 2018.

At their wedding, however, she got into an argument with Leanne when she discovered that Steve had slept with her again.

How many children does he have?

Technically, Steve has six children. His oldest is Emma Brooker.

Emma is the daughter of Fiona Middleton. In 2019, Steve discovered that his neighbor Emma was actually his daughter.

Emma is Steve’s oldest child (Image credit: ITV)

It turned out that his ex-girlfriend Fiona was pregnant when she walked off the cobblestones in 1998.

Amy Barlow is the daughter of Steve and Tracy, born in 2004.

Steve and Tracy were also due to have twins in 2012 but had a miscarriage.

Amy is the daughter of Steve and Tracy (Image Credit: ITV)

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Steve and Michelle’s son Rauri died in 2017.

Leanne and Steve’s son Oliver was born in 2017. Unfortunately, he died in 2020 after being diagnosed with mitochondrial disease.

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