Who is his father Where is Dwight Yorke now?

Harvey Price is the focus of a new BBC One documentary that follows mother Katie in search of the right dorm for him.

Harvey is the oldest of Katie’s five children and has a rare genetic disorder with complex needs and a long list of behavioral and medical conditions.

But who is his father? And where is he now?

What did former soccer player Dwight Yorke say about his son?

Everything you need to know is here.

Katie Price and her son appear in a new BBC One documentary. But who is Harvey’s father? And where is Dwight Yorke now? (Image credit: BBC One)

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Who is Harvey’s father?

Harvey’s father is former Aston Villa and Manchester United striker, Dwight Yorke.

Katie became pregnant with Harvey, who was born in May 2002, while briefly dating former Premier League footballer Dwight.

Their relationship was short-lived as Dwight allegedly cheated on Katie when she was 14 weeks pregnant.

Dwight initially denied being Harvey’s father and requested a paternity test.

Katie took a DNA test to confirm that her ex was Dwight Harvey’s father.

Dwight DID showed up at the hospital to visit his son after he was born, but unfortunately he later decided that he didn’t want to be part of Harvey’s life.

Where is Dwight Yorke now?

49-year-old Dwight describes himself as a brand ambassador for Manchester United and a sports ambassador for Trinidad & Tobago, where he was born.

He works in the media as an expert and analyst on various sports channels.

In December 2018, Dwight avoided bankruptcy by paying HM Revenue and Customs a £ 1.5m debt.

Katie Price: Harvey and I on BBC One
Harvey celebrates his 18th birthday by spotting trains (Image credit: BBC One)

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Does Harvey see his father?

Unfortunately he and Harvey have practically no contact for Harvey.

Katie claims Dwight is struggling to accept Harvey’s disabilities and health battles.

Over the years, Katie has asked Dwight to contact his son several times (see below).

What did Dwight say about Harvey?

During a 2009 interview with Sky News’s Kay Burley, Dwight said his lack of contact with Harvey was due to “a combination of different things.”

He said, “Firstly, my schedule and my daily work in Manchester and a footballer.

“I don’t just sit here and say I’m a perfect father. I made mistakes along the way and would like to turn back the clock. “

At the time, Dwight said he wanted to play “a complicated role” in Harvey’s life but said the opportunity had been “taken” from him.

The sports star admitted that he found Katie’s comments about him “hurtful” and accused her of using Harvey against him.

Regarding the allegations of cheating on Katie, he said, “I think everyone who is in a relationship wants their partner to be loyal and I say I wasn’t the perfect partner, she knows that.

“That’s why I said that our relationship is not stable.”

That same year, it was discovered that Katie’s then-husband Peter Andre wanted to adopt Harvey, but Dwight refused to let her.

An angry Dwight wrote in his book that he wanted to “throttle” Peter.

He said to Kay, “I thought he was very disrespectful at the time. I don’t hate the guy because I don’t know him. “

Katie Price: Harvey and I on BBC One
Harvey’s weight was a cause for concern for mom Katie (Image Credit: BBC One)

What did Katie say about Harvey’s father, Dwight?

Katie made dozens of public petitions to Dwight Yorke for their son, Harvey.

In her 2014 autobiography, she claims, “When Harvey’s biological father Dwight Yorke last saw him, about eight years ago, the first thing he asked was why Harvey was so tall. Why did I overfeed him?

“I had explained Dwight Harvey’s condition many times, but he refused to understand and went on to say that he was fat.

“It is sad that he cannot accept Harvey for who he is and that he seems unable or unwilling to work within his limits.

“On that occasion, I guess Dwight wanted to hold someone responsible for his son being disabled.”

Contact Harvey and Dwight

Even so, Katie insists that it is “never too late” to be in Harvey’s life.

In November 2018, Katie shared a series of baby photos and told Dwight the “door is always open”.

A year later Katie wrote on social media: “Anyone who knows Dwight Yorke ask him to contact his son.

“Harvey doesn’t deserve this, he’s seeing his other son Tiger, so I don’t understand!

“He does charity work for various children’s charities, but does not see or support his own son.”

Last year she revealed drastic plans to introduce Harvey Dwight after years of out of touch.

In a YouTube session, Katie claimed Dwight had only seen her son a few times since he was born – and he was largely absent from Harvey’s life.

Katie said, “I’d like to show up at Dwight Yorke’s, ring the doorbell, and be there with Harvey so he can see Harvey.

“I would like to do that and I will do that. I think Dwight should come into Harvey’s life, years have passed. “

Explaining that Dwight hasn’t seen his son since he was four, Katie added, “I would love it if Dwight comes into contact with Harvey. How can you not want to meet Harv? He’s so funny. “

Dwight also reportedly failed to pay enough child support.

Dwight Yorke
Former Manchester United footballer Dwight Yorke imagined celebrating Kadooment at the Barbados Carnival in 2014 (Image Credit: Splash).

Harvey and Peter Andre

Peter Andre helped Harvey when he was a baby and said he always considers him his own.

In fact, Peter hoped to adopt Harvey, but Dwight refused to let him.

Talk to hello! In 2014, Peter said of Harvey, “It was Harvey who taught me how to be a father before I became a biological father.

“He changed me.”

After their split in 2009, Katie claimed Peter was no longer in contact with their son, but he strongly denied the claim.

Peter received compensation and a public apology from his ex-wife in 2011 after complaining about comments made about him who didn’t really care about Harvey.

Katie’s other significant – and later Harvey father figures – included her second husband Alex Reid, Argentinian Leandro Penna, third husband Kieran Hayler and Kris Boyson.

Katie is now dating former Love Island star Carl Woods.

Katie Price: Harvey and I on BBC One

This documentary follows Katie as she searches for a dorm for Harvey.

Not the former glamor model Jordan or the famous Katie, but a mother who desperately wants the best for her son.

She needs a facility that can handle Harvey’s complex combination of problems while giving him some independence.

When Harvey turns 18, he and Katie explore the possibilities of continuing education colleges.

Katie is told that if the internship doesn’t work for Harvey, it could affect his sanity and wellbeing.

The couple also meet other families with disabled young adults.

Katie says, “I have to give Harvey the best shot he can.”

She recently came across reports of bringing Harvey into foster care and making efforts to deal with it.

Katie’s rep told ED! What the mother of five hoped Harvey would do in college.

They said, “Like many parents of disabled children who turn 18, Katie is actively looking for a dormitory to go to once he leaves school.”

The representative added that it would be “somewhere where he would learn to live as independently as possible, learn life skills and connect with his peers – to make invaluable friendships.”

Katie Price: Harvey and Me will air on Monday (25 January 2021) at 8.30pm on BBC One (not in Wales or Northern Ireland)

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