Who is Hugo Speer? Did he appear in The Full Monty?

Marcella is returning for a third series on ITV1, and viewers will see a lot more of Hugo Speer’s character in the drama.

But who is Hugo Speer in Marcella? And what else did he play in?

The series begins on Tuesday (January 26, 2021) with a double bill.

Here you will find everything you need to know about Hugo and his new role.

*** Warning: possible spoilers from the third series of Marcella ahead ***

Who is Hugo Speer in Marcella? He plays Frank Young in crime drama (Credit: ITV1)

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Who is Hugo Speer in Marcella?

Hugo Speer appeared briefly in the final scenes of the second season.

He plays Marcella’s undercover handler Frank Young.

Marcella is now undercover in Belfast and has infiltrated a notorious criminal family.

Hugo explains, “Frank is effectively Marcella’s UCO, an undercover agent.

“Frank takes care of Marcella. He is there as her boss and her point of contact when she infiltrates an Irish criminal family.

“Her job is to report everything she finds to my character.

“And he has to instruct you in the next steps and guide you.”

Hugo teases that in the course of the series “it becomes very clear that Frank also has his own agenda”.

Of course, this is Marcella we’re talking about, so things are not going according to plan at all.

What else was Hugo Speer in?

Hugo has been on our TV screens since 1993 when he first appeared as a small part in Bhaji on the Beach.

After several minor roles, he won the role of Guy in The Full Monty in 1997.

The hugely successful film that also featured Robert Carlyle. Mark Addy and Tom Wilkinson catapulted him to fame.

He played Richard Rose in Hearts and Bones, DI Jack Price in Messiah, Sergeant George in Bleak House and Charlie King in Sorted.

In 2008 he portrayed Mark Penwarden in Echo Beach, and a year later John Foster in Skins.

More recently he has appeared as DI Hulme in Death in Paradise, Treville in The Musketeers, DI David Bradford in London Kills and Lucius in Britannia.

He also plays as Chief Inspector Valentine in Father Brown.

His role as Frank Young in Marcella is his youngest yet.

Hugo Speer in Marcella on ITV1
Frank meets Cop Rav in the third Marcella series (Credit: ITV1)

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Did he appear in The Full Monty?

Hugo portrayed Guy in The Full Monty in 1997.

Guy comes to audition for a Chippendales-style dance troupe – but he can’t dance.

Robert Carlyle’s character Gaz asks, “I hope you don’t think I’m curious, but what are you doing?”

Guy drops his pants and proves exactly what he has, what is of value to the troops.

Use your imagination! (Or insert eggplant emoji here).

And yes, the cast really did the “full month” by taking off all their clothes for the final scene.

How old is Hugo Speer?

Hugo Alexander Speer was born on March 17, 1968.

He is currently 52 years old.

Hugo Speer joins the cast of the third Marcella series
Hugo Speer Joins Marcella’s Third Series Cast (Image Credit: ITV1)

Where is Hugo from?

Hugo was born in Harrogate in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

He was educated at the local Harrogate Grammar School before studying acting at the Arts Educational Schools in London.

The actor moved to London after his success in The Full Monty and lived there for 15 years.

Eventually, however, he moved back to his native North Yorkshire.

Is he married?

Hugo is married to the Glaswegian actress and writer Vivienne Harvey.

The couple married on February 19, 2015.

At 38, Vivienne is 14 years younger than Hugo.

Before Vivienne, Hugo Bancroft star dated Sarah Parish.

Does he have kids?

Hugo has a child with his wife Vivienne.

They have one daughter, Nico Belle, born on February 8, 2013.

Marcella starts with a double bill on ITV1 at 9 p.m. and 10:05 p.m. on Tuesday, January 26, 2021.

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