Who is in the cast of the Apple TV + Show and what is it about?


Stephen King brings another of his beloved thriller on the Apple TV + series, Lisey’s Story, to life.

Released in 2006, the novel is one of the personal favorites of the author who personally wrote the series to ensure it does it justice.

However, as every fan of the acclaimed author knows, it won’t be an easy love story.

Here is everything you need to know …

Julianne Moore plays a grieving widow in this new story (Image credit: Apple TV +)

What is Lisey’s story about?

In this limited edition series, Lisey Landon still mourns the death of her husband, famous writer Scott Landon.

But two years later she starts tidying up his office and experiences her memories in the process.

As a result, a series of troubling events results in Lisey having memories of her marriage to Scott that she purposely banished from her mind.

This includes his relationship with his sanity, family history, and supernatural connection.

Clive Owen and Julianne Moore - Lisey's story
Scott Langdon’s past resurfaces after his death (Image credit: Apple TV)

Who is in the cast?

Julianne Moore stars in the series and plays the grieving Lisey.

Clive Owen plays her husband Scott in the flashbacks.

Meanwhile, Joan Allen, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Dane DeHaan complete the cast.

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What did Stephen King say about the series?

In an interview prior to the show’s release, King said, “Lisey’s story is my favorite, it always has been. At its core, this is a love story. It is a story of the courage of a woman who would do almost anything to save her husband’s life and sanity.

“Lisey is something different to me. It is very important to me. I had pneumonia around the year 2000 and was about to “drop out”.

“When I got home from the hospital, my wife had cleaned up my study and I was like, ‘I died, I am a ghost.’

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“The idea of ​​Lisey’s story grew out of that, especially the idea that when writers invent things, they go to another world.”

However, he added that he wanted to make the show better than the story in the novel, saying, “I thought if someone was going to screw it up […] Nobody but me is going to screw it up. “

Lisey’s Story launches on Friday, June 4th on Apple TV +.

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