Who is Jim Murray on the Icelandic fly fishing adventure alongside Robson Green?


Jim Murray works with Robson Green on their Icelandic Fly-Fishing Adventure show to find out how fly fishing can be used as therapy.

The new ITV documentary series shows actors Robson Green and Jim Murray how they bond through their love of activity and how it can be used as a therapeutic tool.

In the first episode, which will re-air tonight, Robson and Jim arrive in Iceland and go in search of wild Atlantic salmon.

Who is Jim Murray? How old is he?

Jim Murray is an actor also known as James Murray.

He was born in Manchester in 1975, making him 46 years old.

As a child, the actor received a classical scholarship to Malvern College boarding school in Worcestershire. He later graduated in film and then became an actor.

What shows was Jim Murray on?

Jim Murray has appeared in over thirty television shows and films during his career.

One of his first roles was on Coronation Street in 1998, where he appeared as Sandy Hunter for five episodes.

His hiatus came when Jim appeared on ITV’s 2008 Primeval as veteran tracker Stephen Hart.

He also starred in the US comedy drama CHAOS in 2011 as Billy Collins, in the Russell T Davies drama Pickle in 2015, where he played the contradicting character Daniel Coltrane, and in the Ryan Reynolds film 6 Underground in 2019 as Caleb .

James Murray on the set of Mayhem in 2011 (Splash News)

What happened to his daughter

Jim met his wife Sarah Parish in 2005, who is also an actress. They married two years later.

The couple had their first child, Ella-Jayne, in May 2008, five weeks early.

Jim Murray Robson Green
James Murray and wife Sarah Parish, pictured in 2014 (Splash News)

She was born with a rare genetic condition called Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome and sadly died of a heart defect when she was only eight months old.

In her memory, the couple later founded the Murray Parish Trust, which raises funds for emergency childcare in the south of England, where they are based.

They have a second daughter, Nell, who was born in November 2009.

Robson and Jim’s Icelandic Fly Fishing Adventure will air on ITV at 10:45 pm tonight.

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