Who is leaving Emmerdale in 2021?

Every year Emmerdale welcomes new characters and says goodbye to some loved ones, but who is leaving Emmerdale in 2021?

Who is leaving Emmerdale in 2021?

Max Parker – Luke Posner

Max was reported to be leaving the soap (Credit: ITV)

It was recently reported that Max Parker was leaving the ITV soap after playing Luke for two years.

According to The sun Max will be leaving the show in the coming weeks.

A source told the publication: “Max would never be left hanging over the bar for years.

“He’s ambitious and a talented guy – he’s already testing for new roles and looking forward to the future.

“But never say never – there’s always a chance he’ll return one day.”

In the final scenes, he told his mother, Wendy, that he was leaving the village.

Joe Warren Factory – Jacob Gallagher

Jacob is back, but is Meena threatening him? (Photo credit: ITV)

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Joe-Warren is returning to our screens very soon after a six month hiatus, but could his character come to a gruesome end anytime soon?

Jacob’s father, David, had been with Meena for the past six months.

Meena has proven herself in trouble and spoilers revealed that it is not her when David tells her to hold back if he moves in with him as he wants to spend some time with Jacob.

Meena begins to see Jacob as an obstacle to her and David’s happiness. Could she go so far as to kill him to get her out of the way?


Michelle Hardwick – Vanessa Woodfield

Will we see Vanessa again soon? We hope so! (Photo credit: ITV)

Michelle Hardwick’s character Vanessa left the village last year to take care of her mother and to have chemotherapy.

She planned to return to the village last year after the final scan results told her everything was clear.

However, she learned that Charity had cheated on her with Moira’s brother Mackenzie and ended their relationship and refused to return to the village.

In real life, Michelle Hardwick is on maternity leave when she gave birth to her son Teddy.

While Emmerdale has yet to confirm when Michelle will be back, it is believed she will return this year.

Laura Norton – Kerry Wyatt

Emmerdale Kerry (Image: ITV)
Laura is also on maternity leave (Image: ITV)

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Last year, Emmerdale stopped filming when the UK entered its first coronavirus lockdown in March 2020.

When the show returned, viewers were puzzled when Kerry Wyatt mysteriously disappeared from the village.

Laura and her fiancé Mark Jordon later voted in OK! Magazine that they were expecting their first baby together.

In February of this year, Laura announced that she had given birth to a baby boy.

Although a date for Kerry’s return has not been announced, it is believed that Laura will return in late 2021 or maybe even early 2022.

Ryan Hawley – Robert Sugden

Robert has been featured on the show a lot lately, which left fans hoping for his return.

In 2019 Victoria was raped by Lee Posner. Lee denied raping Victoria, and he and his mother, Wendy, began molesting her.

Robert eventually lost his temper and hit Lee on the head with a shovel. Lee later died in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Victoria befriended a guy named Luke.

Robert was later sentenced to a life sentence of at least 14 years.

Luke showed up in court and it turned out he was Lee’s brother.

Vic and Luke later started a relationship, but it was recently revealed that he and her boyfriend Ethan had been fishing and talking to other men on a dating app.

Ethan told Luke’s mother, Wendy, what Luke was up to.

Luke admitted in 2019 that he was dating a man, Steven. However, when Lee discovered that Luke was dating a man, he started beating him up.

Luke pushed his brother away and Lee fell and hit his head.

Lee was passed out but soon got up and left and was later beaten by Robert.

After finding out the new information, Wendy was determined to see if it would lessen Robert’s sentence.

An Emmerdale spokesperson recently told Digital Spy, “There are currently no plans for Robert’s character to return.”

However, anything is possible in Soap Country.

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