Who is Mandy’s mother in Emmerdale? Was Vera-Lynn Dingle in Soap?


It’s a big week in Emmerdale as Mandy prepares to tie the knot with Paul. But bride’s mother, Mandy Dingle, was out of touch before her daughter’s wedding day.

Mandy jiggles walking down the aisle without one of her parents on her big day. Despite being part of the vast Dingle clan, poor Mandy’s mother and father are not expected to show up.

Mandy has a wiggle about her wedding (Credit: ITV)

So who is Mandy’s mom? And could she have relatives in the village that she doesn’t even know about?

Who is Mandy’s family?

Mandy is one of the things thanks to her father Caleb. Her grandparents Jedediah and Peg had six sons.

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There was Albert – father to Marlon. Then Shadrach, who is Chas’ father and father of poor, unhappy Gennie.

Shadrach Dingle is Chas’ father (Image Credit: ITV / REX / Shutterstock)

Then there is Zak who we know is Cain and Sam’s father. Then Ezra, who once came to the village in an ice cream van, as well as Zebediah – Delilah’s father – and Caleb. And it’s Caleb who is Mandy’s father.

Caleb performed in Emmerdale back in 2000.

Who is Mandy Dingle’s mother?

Caleb Dingle was married to a woman named Vera-Lynn and she is Mandy’s mother. Vera-Lynn has never been seen on screen before and all we know about her is that her relationship with Mandy is sketchy at best.

Mandy’s relationship with her mom isn’t great (Credit: ITV)

Mandy also has an unnamed stepmother who Caleb married after breaking up with Vera-Lynn.

Does Mandy have brothers and sisters?

Mandy grew up an only child, but when Caleb remarried, she gained four younger stepbrothers.

Caleb went to jail for a while in the late 1990s and Mandy helped look after her brothers while he was inside.

When Mandy returned to Emmerdale in early 2019, Lisa Riley, who plays the bolshy esthetician, said she thought her alter ego might have a secret sister who lives in the village.

“I honestly think Mandy and Chas are sisters,” said Lisa. “It would be wonderful to explore. They are so alike and have been through so much turmoil. “

Lisa Riley hopes Chas and Mandy are sisters (Image credit: ITV)

It is not impossible that the two Dingle Divas are sisters. Shadrach – Chas’s father – had three daughters with two different wives. And we already know that the things are not alien to the exchange of partners. In fact, Mandy was once married to Chas’ husband Paddy.

Could Mandy and Chas be sisters? And could Mandy Dingle’s mother Vera-Lynn ever perform in the village? We reckon the more Dingle women the better. What do you think?

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