Who is Paddy Wivell? The man behind the pandemic at number 47 on channel 4


When the first lockdown began, Pandemic stuck a camera out of the window of Paddy Wivell, director # 47, to film what was happening in his neighborhood.

The results will be broadcast on Channel 4 on Wednesday (March 3, 2021).

But who is pandemic with director Paddy Wivell # 47? What did he do before?

Here is everything you need to know about the series that should resonate with all viewers.

Paddy Wivell and his family during lockdown (Credit: Channel 4)
Paddy Wivell and his family during lockdown, but who’s the pandemic on director # 47? (Credit: Channel 4)

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Who is Pandemic in Director Paddy Wivell No. 47?

Paddy is an award-winning filmmaker, documentary filmmaker, and producer.

In his two decades as a documentary director, he has made a name for himself for the seemingly effortless way he connects with his subjects – from African tribes to Orthodox Jews to inpatient psychiatric patients.

He is best known for Prison 2018, Wunderland 2008, and Forcing 2005.

In addition to his own films, Paddy has made several Louis Theroux documentaries.

These include African Hunting Holiday, where Louis travels to the Limpopo province of South Africa to join the vacationers who gather there to hunt big game.

And Law and Disorder in Johannesburg, where Louis travels to Johannesburg, where the residents are increasingly besieged by crime.

Paddy has also produced several episodes of First Dates.

He is married with two children and lives in north London.

Lisa and family take part in pandemic No. 47 (Image credit: Kanal 4)
Lisa and family take part in pandemic No. 47 (Image credit: Kanal 4)

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What else did Paddy Wivell do? What is he famous for?

Paddy Wivell has previously made brilliant films about prisons.

The prison, which aired on Channel 4, saw him filming on HMP Durham for seven months.

He and his team of three recorded the daily life of prisoners and prison staff.

Paddy has also staged The Tribe, Bedlam, a Hasidic guide to love, marriage, and finding a bride and extremely British Muslims.

His miniseries Compulsion consisted of six films in which people were recorded who were caught in the cycle of addictive and compulsive behavior.

Wedding Day was his 2017 documentary, which looked at the pomp and ritual of a wedding to explore British attitudes towards marriage by the two very different families of the bride and groom, Serena and Jordan.

Siona lives on "a very British street" during blocking (credit: channel 4)
Siona lives on a “very British street” during the lockdown (Credit: Channel 4)

Pandemic No. 47 – what is it about?

Director Paddy Wivell captures the impact of the lockdown on his own North London community.

The prolonged period of isolation has restricted social contact and affected his neighborhood in different ways.

Paddy films the diverse mix of Londoners from afar through their doors and windows – making friends with neighbors whom he admits he should have known earlier.

Neighbors and people in his community who were once strangers reveal their fears and fears as well as stories of hope.

The Telegraph describes it as “the great documentary that sums up what we all felt in the lockdown”.

Did Paddy have Covid-19?

In December 2020, Paddy commissioned Covid.

He told his Twitter followers: “I have the Covid lurgie. I haven’t been out in a week but just put away a Negroni and I’m feeling fine. “

Pandemic No. 47 begins on Wednesday, March 03, 2021 at 10 p.m. on channel 4.

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