Who is playing them And who is the father of your baby?

Fenisha is a divisive character in Casualty. But who plays her in the BBC’s medical drama? And what happened to her pregnancy history?

Here you will find answers to these and other questions.

What job does Fenisha have at Casualty?

Fenisha is a medic on the BBC’s medical drama Casualty.

Who plays Fenisha in Casualty?

Fenisha Khatri is played by actress Olivia D’Lima.

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Olivia is said to be around 34 years old.

Fenisha has had a tough time lately (Credit: BBC)

She shared her excitement at taking on the regular role on Casualty via her official Instagram.

Here she shared: “5 months later I can FINALLY raise these eyebrows.
I’m also happy to be the new regular at @bbccasualtyofficial. “

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She regularly provides behind-the-scenes snaps and captions while on set over her gram.

The star recently shared a number of snaps from an upcoming episode.

Along with the headline: “A few Fenisha faces from the fourth episode can be seen in four days.

“Other words that begin with f: quick, damn, dude, Fernando, punches, ferbie.”

What else did she do?

To date, Olivia’s accident role is one of her greatest television roles.

However, she also appeared on the comedy series Twitted Guide to Life.

When did Fenisha first come to Casualty?

Fenisha joined Casualty in February 2020.

Fenisha pregnant
Fenisha is pregnant in accident (Image credit: BBC)

What happened between Fenisha and Ethan?

Fenisha and counselor Ethan Hardy had a one night stand after a drunk night.

She was embarrassed afterwards and decided to decline any further contact.

But then she was pregnant. While establishing a relationship with Will Noble, another advisor at the hospital.

Fenisha and Ethan
Ethan is mad at his one-time lover Fenisha (Image credit: BBC)

But when I found out that she was pregnant – and that he wasn’t the father – it got complicated.

Will broke away from her when she said she didn’t think she could have an abortion.

Who is the real father of Fenisha’s baby?

Ethan is the father of Fenisha’s baby at Casualty.

Ethan assumed that Fenisha had ended her pregnancy. However, he is stunned when she comes back and is heavily pregnant.

She admits that she was hoping to raise her child as a single mom – and get them out of the equation.

When is the next accident?

The accident is on Saturday at 8:20 p.m. on BBC One.

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