Who is playing them and who is their family?

Amy Barlow has been on Coronation Street since 2004. But who is playing them and who is their family?

Amy Barlow on Coronation Street: Who Is Playing Her?

Amy is currently played by 18 year old actress Elle Mulvaney. She has been playing Amy since 2010.

Elle is often active on the social media platforms Instagram and TikTok.

She recently encouraged people to be kind after trolls left gruesome comments on her Instagram post.

Elle shared two selfies with her Instagram.

In the comments section, she encouraged people to be kind after leaving some nasty comments on her post.

She wrote: “Thanks for the kind comments, please just report any hatred and let’s all be kind. I send love to you all! “

Her followers quickly stepped in and supported her.

One wrote: “From one girl to another, you are doing great! An incredible role model to others and a perfect example of how a mature young woman can act and dress.

“Comments are nothing, let’s face it, it’s just jealous because they’ll never have the power and beauty that you do, girls.”

A second said, “You are beautiful. Jealousy is a terrible quality. “

A third added: “Beautiful! Please don’t listen to the comments, they are just jealous. “

Amy Barlow on Coronation Street: Who Else Played Her?

Elle is the eighth actor to play Amy.

In 2004, Amy was played by three different actresses. Holly Bowyer didn’t play Amy until 2004. Between 2004 and 2005, Rebecca Pike played the character.

Elle started playing Amy in 2010 (Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

Twins Sarah and Rachel Corker played the role in 2005, Amy and Madison Hampson also played the role between 2o05 and 2006.

Amber Chadwick played Amy in 2004. She repeated the role in 2006 and played Amy until 2010 when Elle took over.

Amy Barlow on Coronation Street: Who is Amy’s Family?

Amy is the daughter of Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow.

She has three half-siblings on her father’s side. She has the older half-sister Emma and two younger half-brothers Oliver and Ruairi.

Amy with her sister Emma, ​​her brother Oliver, her cousin Simon, Leanne, Nick and Steve (Image Credit: ITV)

Unfortunately, Ruairi died after his premature birth and Oliver died last year at the age of three.

What storylines was Amy involved in?

From birth, Amy’s life has been full of drama. When Tracy became pregnant, she made Roy Cropper believe he was Amy’s father.

Roy eventually married Tracy to have Amy in his care. But later, Tracy demanded her daughter back, it turned out that she and Roy had never slept together and Steve was the father.

Amy became pregnant at 14 but decided to quit (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

In 2019, at the age of 14, Amy discovered that she was pregnant. She initially refused to reveal who the father was, but soon Tracy discovered it was 17-year-old gang member Tyler Jefferies.

At first Amy wanted the baby, and Tracy and Steve agreed to take care of Amy’s baby and raise it as their own.

But when overwhelmed, she opted for an abortion and was accompanied by Bethany Platt.

At first Amy made her mother believe she had a miscarriage, but she eventually told her the truth.

Amy was determined to find out who was making cruel comments about her family (Credit: ITV)

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More recently, Amy has been trying to track down the trolls who posted nasty comments about their parents on Oliver’s fundraising page.

In the episode tonight (Monday March 22nd) Brian confessed that he was the troll even though it was his girlfriend, Cathy. Will Tracy and Amy forgive like that?

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