Who is Sean in Emmerdale? What happened to him?

Sean Spencer performed in Emmerdale from 2011 to 2014.

On today’s episode of The Soap, Amelia Spencer mentioned her older brother, Sean.

She told Sarah that Sean is no longer in the army, but she is still talking to him.

But what happened to Sean? And could he return to the village one day?

Current character Amelia is Sean’s sister (Credit: ITV)

Who is Sean in Emmerdale?

Sean is the son of Dan and Ali Spencer.

In 2011, Sean moved to the village with Ali and sister Amelia. Soon Ali’s friend Ruby moved in with them.

Shortly after they arrived, Dan came to the village to visit his family.

One of Sean’s big storylines was a love triangle with Belle Dingle and her best friend Gemma Andrews.

Sean got involved in a love triangle with Belle and Gemma (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

Sean started a relationship with Belle but had slept with Gemma which resulted in her becoming pregnant.

The pregnancy caused a lot of fallout in the two girls. They got into a physical battle at school when Belle told her class about Gemma’s abortion.

The girls eventually reconciled, but fought over him again in 2014.

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After a party, the two girls got into an argument. Gemma hit Belle, so she reciprocated by squeezing her.

However, Gemma fell over and hit her head on a rock.

Belle tried to help her, but Gemma refused. The head injury resulted in Gemma’s death.

Actor Luke Roskell, who played Sean, left the village in 2014 (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

Why did Sean leave Emmerdale?

Sean decided to join the army in 2014.

He left the village for his fresh start the day Ali and Ruby got married.

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Although he has been mentioned by his family members since he left, he has never returned.

Who played Sean and what is the actor doing now?

Sean was played by actor Luke Roskell.

I think it might be nice to see Sean come back sometime.

Luke has had a successful acting career since he left the soap.

In 2015 he played the lead role of Carl Jackson in the theater production of Britannia Waves The Rules.

He also played Dan on the BBC series The A Word.

In 2017 he played Pepper Sharrow in Jamestown.

He currently plays Lee Withers on the Outlander series.

Dan and Amelia still live in Emmerdale (Image credit: ITV)

Will Sean ever return to Emmerdale?

Although it’s not known if Sean will ever return to the village, Liam Fox – who plays Dan – has said he would like to see the character return.

Earlier this year, Liam told Entertainment Daily and other media outlets, “I think it might be nice to see Sean come back sometime.

“To be honest, I don’t know if Luke Roskell would be back because he’s doing his other stuff now. But certainly the character of Sean, maybe at some point in the future. “


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