Who is Tanisha Gorey with in real life?

Coronation Street actress Tanisha Gorey joined the ITV soap cast as Asha Alahan in 2009. But who is Tanisha with in real life?

Asha is the daughter of Dev Alahan and Sunita Alahan, who passed away in 2013.

In the past few weeks, Asha has started dating Nina Lucas after breaking up with boyfriend Corey.

Asha and Nina have been together for a few weeks, but Nina ended their relationship (Credit: ITV)

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However, when Nina believed they were moving too fast, she ended their relationship.

Coronation Street Asha: Who is Tanisha Gorey with in real life?

In real life, Tanisha has a friend named Lucas Wheelan.

At Christmas time, she shared a picture with Lucas on Instagram.

She gave the article a title: “You are the best I could ever have wished for. I hope everyone had the happiest Christmas … and sent all of our love. “

Your followers have commented on the post.

One wrote, “I’m just melting my heart.”

A second commented, “Oh, that’s nice, hun.”

A third said, “So happy for you Tanisha.”

Coronation Street: Nina and Asha have split up

In today’s scenes, Nina broke up with Asha and suggested they become friends again after finding out that Asha was planning to book her a night in a hotel.

Nina stated that she was not ready for a sexual relationship. Even though Asha pretended to be okay, it was clear that she was upset.

Later, Asha went to her friends Summer and Kelly and she suggested that they get pills and get wasted.

Kelly ended up buying some pills from Simon Barlow for the three of them. However, Summer and Asha soon found her passed out and called an ambulance.

Asha was devastated when Nina put it down (Credit: ITV)

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Dev later arrived at the hospital and was horrified when Asha revealed that Kelly had taken a pill.

When he thought Nina was involved, he confronted her, but she explained that she and Asha broke up and she didn’t know anything about the drugs.

She soon told Dev to go easy on Asha as it was clear she was upset. Will Asha be okay?

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