Who is the controversial This Morning guest?

Beverley Turner was on everyone’s lips this week after their clash This morning Host Dermot O’Leary on the COVID-19 vaccine.

But where else did you see her? Continue reading…

Beverley Turner routinely shares their opinions with This Morning viewers (Image: ITV)

Who is Beverley Turner?

Beverley Turner is a TV and radio host.

She was born in Lancashire and has a first class degree in English literature from the University of Manchester.

She has since had an illustrious career hosting a variety of shows, from Sky’s most profitable show to taste, to Houses live incidentally on BBC2 WatchDogis Matt Allwright.

Above all, the 47-year-old has built a strong female fan base by using her platform to advocate women’s issues.

Beverley previously worked for BBC Radio 5 Live and presented theirs Bump club Series documenting the journey of pregnant women.

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Beverley has a knack for sports coverage, too, and has commented on the Tour de France and US Basketball League over the years, often as one of the few women to do so.

She broke away from ITV’s Formula 1 racing coverage in 2004 when she published her landmark book. The Pits: The real world of Formula 1documenting the sexism present in sport.

And while she was a guest on This morning Sofa this week, she was on the other side of the sofa in her time – she was the host of the show’s entertainment segment from 2002.

Beverley isn’t the only one in her immediate family with strong connections to the television world – one of her brothers, Cal Turner, is the executive producer of in particular The Apprentice.

Beverley Turner collided with Dermot O'Leary
Dermot O’Leary and Beverley Turner had different opinions about the vaccine, shall we say (Photo credit: ITV)

Why did Beverley Turner dishevel her feathers that morning?

Her views while appearing on the show this week angered the normally meek Dermot O’Leary.

A believer in Herd immunity, Beverley insisted to a disgruntled dermat that young people were better off opting out of the COVID-19 vaccine for fear of the lack of “long-term data”.

“The best minds in science developed this vaccine in an exceptionally short time. It has been proven to work statistically. Why are you so cynical? “ he shot back.

There are now reports – unfounded by ITV – that she has been expelled from This Morning because of her views.

Beverley Turner with ex-husband James Cracknell
Beverley Turner with now ex-husband James Cracknell (Image: Splash)

What else did she do?

Beverley’s name has been controversial in recent months.

She was blocked by Piers Morgan in February following the announcement she wasn’t going to clap for Captain Tom Moore.

And the other half of Dermot’s in March This morning Mating, Alison Hammond, was almost “scared” off the set while Beverley railed about COVID-19 vaccine passports.

“It ends up with a tiny tiny microchip in our hands to make it easier to get into the pub,” she claimed.

Beverley Turner single?

Beverley went public with her romance with eco-home developer James Pritchitt early last year after breaking up with husband James Cracknell in 2019.

At the time of her split from James, Beverley criticized her ex’s decision to put career goals before family in order to thrive.

“He won’t mind that I admit I think so [bleep]. I don’t want my children to strive for such an exit from family responsibilities as something they strive for. “

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She and the two-time Olympic champion in the row were married for 17 years.

The couple even teamed up professionally in 2012 to publish together Contact distance, a book showing James’ recovery from a Personality-altering traumatic brain injury.

They have a son and two daughters together.

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