Who is the journalist Sadie in Marcella? Zahra Ahmadi was in EastEnders!

Marcella continues with ITV tonight and we see actress Zahra Ahmadi portray journalist Sadie.

But who is the journalist Sadie in Marcella? And how do we recognize the actress Zahra?

Here is everything you need to know!

*** Warning: May contain spoilers from episode 4 of Marcella ***

Zahra arrives for the 2007 National Television Awards at the Royal Albert Hall (Credit: Splash)

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Who is the journalist Sadie in Marcella?

Sadie is a local journalist based in Belfast.

We see how she hugs the prominent politician Alexander Monroe.

His mission is to expose the Maguire family and bring them down.

Sadie flirts in Alexander’s apartment, but things take a hot turn.

At least one of them is dead …

Who plays the journalist Sadie in Marcella?

The actress Zahra Ahmadi portrays Sadie.

She only appears in episode four of the ITV drama.

Zahra Ahmadi as Sadie journalist in Marcella
Zahra Ahmadi as Sadie journalist in Marcella (Photo credit: ITV)

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What else was the actress Zahra Ahmadi in?

Zahra is best known for her role as Shabnam Masood on the BBC One Soap EastEnders.

She also played Sabia in Britz and later appeared in the 2010 film Tamara Drewe.

In 2013 she played a small role in the Doctor Who episode ‘Nightmare in Silver’.

She portrayed Gita in Black Mirror’s full-length Christmas special from 2014.

From 2013 to 2017 she played Sinem in all three series of the BBC Two sitcom Count Arthur Strong.

In 2018 she portrayed DS Mari-Luz Garcia in the ITV series Innocent.

Zahra has also starred in The Thick of It, Babylon, Berlin Station, Bliss and Death in Paradise.

Who did Zahra play in EastEnders?

Zahra played the original Shabnam Masood in EastEnders.

She first came to Walford in July 2007 and left in 2008.

Shabnam is the daughter of Masood and Zainab and initially appeared as a university graduate who was undecided about her career path.

She was known for her friendship with Dawn Swann and her struggles with her traditional Muslim parents.

Shabnam left Walford to find her roots in Pakistan.

The character returned in 2014, played by actress Rakhee Thakrar.

Zahra Ahmadi as Shabnam in EastEnders
Zahra Ahmadi as Original Shabnam in EastEnders (Photo credit: BBC One)

How old is Zahra Ahmadi?

Zahra was reportedly born in 1981.

She is said to be around 40 years old.

Journalist Sadie in Marcella: where is the actress Zahra from?

Zahra was born in Plymouth, Devon.

She is of Persian origin.

Zahra Ahmadi as Det Con Mari-Luz Garcia in Innocent on ITV
Zahra Ahmadi as DS Mari-Luz Garcia in Innocent (Photo credit: ITV)

Marcella episode four: what happens?

In the fourth episode of Marcella, the undercover cop – aka Keira – struggles with her sanity.

She suffers extreme guilt following Danny Armstrong’s death.

She is tormented by flashbacks that put her in one of her joint states.

In a dramatic car scene, Marcella fights for her life and Bobby is “arrested”.

Meanwhile, Katherine Maguire warns Marcella sharply.

There are also some murders when someone wants to play Body Count Bingo!

The fourth episode of Marcella will air Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at 9 p.m. on ITV.

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