Who is the Malone family on Gogglebox? What are they doing for work?

The Malone family joined Gogglebox in 2014 and has quickly become one of the most popular families in the series.

This hilarious lot is known for its heavy Mancunian accents and, of course, its army of Rottweiler dogs.

Read on to find out more about the Malone family and what they do when they’re not watching TV …

When did the Malone family join Gogglebox?

The Malones joined Gogglebox in 2014 for the fourth series of Gogglebox on Channel 4.

The Malone family is hugely popular with viewers of Gogglebox (Credit: Channel 4)

Who is the Malone family on Gogglebox?

The Malone family includes father Tom Senior, mother Julie and their four children Lee, Vanessa and Tom Jr., and Shaun.

Lee and Vanessa have two older siblings who have never appeared on the show.

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Several family members are active on social media – and they have been delighting viewers on TikTok since last year.

Tommy Junior has a popular TikTok channel and has tied many of his family members into his funny clips.

@tommalone_jrMerry Christmas to everyone!!! 🎄 (IG: tommalonejr) ## fyp ## foryoupage ## for you ## viral ## glasses box ## themalones♬ All I want for Christmas is you – Mariah Carey

He posts under tommalone_jr and even gets his parents to dance with him in several videos.

How many dogs does the Malone family have?

The Malone family is particularly known for their four giant dogs.

They have four Rottweilers who often steal the show during episodes of Gogglebox.

malone rottweilers gogglebox
The Malone family currently has four Rottweilers (Credit: Channel 4)

These gentle giants are called Lucy, Izzy, Joe and Dave.

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In previous seasons they also had a dog named Frank, who sadly passed away in 2018.

What do the Malones do for work?

When they’re not filming for Gogglebox, the Malone family has normal, day-to-day jobs like the rest of us.

Papa Tom Senior is a truck driver. Mother Julie used to work as a receptionist in a dance studio.

Tom Junior also worked there and is a professional dancer.

The Malone family on channel 4
The Malone family will be returning to Gogglebox very soon (Credit: Channel 4)

Shaun is now a bodybuilder and runs a real estate business. And Vanessa is an NHS nurse. She has three children who sometimes appear on the show

Shaun shares Tom Junior’s passion for performance and is an actor and dancer. He is also a soccer coach.

How much weight has Tom Senior lost?

Both Tom Senior and Julie appear to have lost significant weight.

The pair showed off their remarkably slimmer frames when they performed on TikToks by son Tom Junior last year.

After losing weight through lockdown in the summer of 2020, they seem to have managed to hold their results well into the new year.

Neither of them told us exactly how much they lost.

However, Julie replied to a fan on Instagram that she would still eat candy while filming – but in moderation, of course.

She wrote, “The boys and grandchildren would go crazy if there weren’t any goodies we still have, but in moderation, but that sometimes goes out the window lol lol.”

When is Gogglebox next time?

Gogglebox Festive Special will air on Friday January 8th at 9pm.

Then a brand new series will air in February.

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