Who is the moderator of Abused by Our Coach?

Charlie Webster speaks valiantly about the sexual abuse she suffered as a child in a new BBC One documentary – but who is she and what happened to her?

Who was their perpetrator and where are they now?

Here is everything you need to know about Charlie Webster and her traumatic childhood experiences.

Nowhere to Run: Abused by our coach reunites abuse victims (Image: BBC One)

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Who is Charlie Webster?

Charlie Webster is a broadcaster and journalist.

As a result of the abuse she suffered as a child, Charlie is also committed to raising awareness about personal hygiene in sports.

She was born on November 9, 1982 and is currently 38 years old.

Sheffield-born Charlie attended Tapton School, where she competed in elite junior athletics.

She then studied language and linguistics at Newcastle University.

Charlie’s love of sport led her to work as a personal trainer and fitness trainer.

She has faced a number of charity challenges, including the London Marathon.

Charlie Webster career

She began her sports broadcast career at Real Madrid International TV and became the first live soccer host in Asia for ESPN and Star Sports in 2006.

Since then, Charlie has hosted for the BBC, ITV, Sky Sports and Channel 4.

Because of the abuse she suffered as a child, Charlie has been campaigning for women’s rights specifically regarding sexual and domestic abuse.

She has previously appeared on Loose Women, The Wright Stuff and Good Morning Britain.

Charlie Webster
Charlie Webster bravely speaks out about her abuse at Nowhere to Run: Abused by our coach (Image: BBC One)

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Charlie Webster Abuse – What Happened To Her?

In 2014, Charlie announced that she was molested as a teenager.

Her trainer sexually abused her – and countless others – while working at a girls-only running club in Sheffield.

Track and field coach Paul North abused Charlie at the age of 15.

In the new BBC documentary Nowhere to Run: Abused By Our Coach, Charlie describes the first time North attacked her.

She reveals that he lured her into a private session on the pretext of helping her improve her bladder control.

Charlie recalls that he was “frozen” in fear when North sexually abused her and explains that the attack was harder to detect because the attack was not “violent.”

She says her reasons for voting are “to show that people are not alone”.

Charlie adds, “I want our ordeal to matter.

“We need change”

Charlie Webster Abuse: What Happened To Her Abuser?

Police arrested Charlie’s perpetrator after a victim spoke up.

A judge sentenced treadmill Paul North to 10 years in prison when Charlie was 19 years old.

He was convicted of multiple sexual assault and one rape in 2002 and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The man was also listed on the sex offender registry.

During a TEDT talk she said earlier: “I don’t want to talk to you about what happened and how it happened.

“I want to talk to you about the things that we never hear about, that no one ever talks about.

“What happens after that. The consequences of a traumatic experience. “

Charlie Webster
The TV presenter tracks down other women who have suffered sexual abuse (Credit: BBC One)

Charlie Webster Malaria

Charlie also made headlines in 2016 when she fell into a coma after contracting malaria in Rio.

The abuse victim who worked for Sky and ITV became uncomfortable after the Olympic opening ceremony.

She was taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a rare strain of the disease.

Charlie recovered and was flown back to the UK.

In a statement, she thanked the public for their support and said doctors in Brazil had saved her life.

Nowhere to Run: Abused by our coach on BBC One

Charlie Webster talks about the sexual abuse she suffered as a child.

Her treadmill abused her and several members of her all girl running club in Sheffield.

Charlie left Sheffield and no longer spoke to anyone in the club.

To this day she does not know what she went through.

Now she wants to find out – she is finally ready to speak to them and decides to track them down.

She bursts into tears in emotional scenes as she remembers the terrible attack.

Charlie is also trying to figure out why athletics turned a blind eye.

About the documentary she says: “I have butterflies, tears and a very, very grateful heart to be supported and welcomed in this way.”

She said the documentary was “just the beginning”.

Nowhere to Run: Abused by Our Coach will air on Monday, September 20, 2021 at 10:35 p.m. on BBC One.

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