Who is the narrator of The Circle Celebrity? When is the normal version back?

The Circle Celebrity started for Stand Up To Cancer and we are obsessed with the narrator.

In this year’s series, a number of celebrities are trying to plan and fish their way to a mega-prize – all of which will be donated to charity.

This year’s standout line-up includes the likes of Charlotte Crosby, Nadia Sawalha and Duncan James.

But who is the funny narrator? And when do we get the normal series from The Circle back?

We answer these and other questions below …

The Circle Celebrity cast this year, but who’s the narrator? Credit: Channel 4)

Who is telling The Circle Celebrity?

Both The Circle and The Circle Celebrity in the UK are narrated by Sophie Willan.

Funny lady Sophie is believed to be around 33 years old and originally from Bolton.

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She is a stand-up comedian as well as a writer, actress and activist.

She was raised partially in nursing and has worked as a sex worker.

Meanwhile, she explores all aspects of her life in her stand-up routine.

Sophie Willan the circle
Sophie Willan recounts The Circle and The Circle Celebrity (Image credit: YouTube)

In 2015, she helped raise over £ 100,000 for Stories of Care, a literary project that encouraged those in need of care to write about their own experiences in the system.

She was also nominated for Best Newcomer for the Chortle Awards.

During the conversation with The Yorkshire PostShe spoke of her unique background and her entry into the comedy world.

She explained, “Most of the people in this industry are not working class, but since I’ve been successful I’ve had a voice – and I’ll use it.

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“I’ve seen the desperation that comes with living with a heroin addict and having to work as a companion to fund my career in the arts – which I talk about on the show.

“We seem obsessed with the class again – three years ago it didn’t seem to be an issue and suddenly it’s back in vogue … I also confront my own hypocrisy and talk about my family background and why my grandparents chose Tory . “

An American version of The Circle is on Netflix (Credit: Netflix)

When will The Circle be back in operation?

The regular and non-celebrity version of The Circle will air the day after The Circle Celebrity ends.

This will be The Circle’s third series.

It will air on Tuesday, March 16 at 9:15 p.m. on Channel 4.

Commenting on the upcoming series, host Emma Willis said, “The Circle is just brilliant television that you can’t do without. I loved every minute of being a part of it, and I’m so excited to be able to return to yet another series where I’m in the midst of calamity and drama! “

Is the circle on Netflix?

The Circle was originally created in the UK and for Channel 4.

However, an American version, The Circle USA, is also broadcast on Netflix.

Indeed, the first series proved a success, and a second series was commissioned.

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