Who is the new actor, Genesis Lynea?

The 24th season of Silent Witness gets a new actor. We’ll be seeing Simone Tyler very soon, and actress Genesis Lynea can’t wait to get started.

But who is Genesis and what was she in before?

Genesis with her new Silent Witness co-stars (Image: BBC)

Who is the new cast member for Silent Witness for Season 24?

The BBC says Simone Tyler – a forensic ecologist – has been asked by Nikki (Emilia Fox) and Jack (David Caves) to help solve a murder.

However, she wonders if her skills are right for the team at the Lyell Center.

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Simone is more comfortable in the safety of an academic laboratory reconstructing ancient habitats, but her unique skills and vibrant personality could be just what the team needs.

The BBC informs us that Simone will have her first appearance next week (Monday, September 27th).

Actress Genesis Lynea joins Silent Witness season 24
Genesis joins Emilia in BBC crime thriller (Credit: BBC)

What does Genesis say about your new role?

Commenting on her new role, Genesis said, “Simone Tyler is an avid and meticulous ecologist who is making a giant leap from the museum to the morgue.

“It was a nice surprise to film a project during a test phase like this where there was so much to learn and screw up.

“It is really fulfilling to learn a new way of thinking and seeing through Simone’s eyes – while she is learning, I am learning.

“The science of forensics is very complicated work and it was fun to play with the Silent Witness team. Take care of this room! “

Who is Genesis Lynea?

Bermuda-born Genesis settled in the UK with her mother and stepfather when her parents divorced.

And she also comes from the roots of performing – both her mother and father were singers and musicians, respectively.

Growing up, Genesis attended the BRIT School for the Performing Arts and was married to Jessie J.

She appeared in musicals and Jessie’s Do It Like A Dude video in 2010, but then got roles on television.

Actress Genesis Lynea joins the 24th season of Silent Witness
Genesis played Archie in Casualty (Image: BBC)

What was in Genesis?

Genesis’ first major TV role was in Casualty.

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She played Archie Hudson between 2019 and 2020. Clashing with Connie and bonding with Will, Archie became a popular character.

Genesis then appeared as Natacha in the Netflix fantasy drama Shadow and Bone.

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