Who is Vincent Hubbard in EastEnders and what happened to him?

Vincent Hubbard was in EastEnders from 2015 to 2018, but who is he and what happened to him?

On today’s episode (Monday October 11), Kim overheard a taxi booking for Vince Hubbard.

Phil overheard and insisted that she leave the matter alone, but Kim followed up the booking to Walford East.

She discovered a child entertainer in a costume who claimed to be Vince. She confronted him when she saw him with a wallet she believed belonged to Vincent.

Will Kim get answers? (Image credit: BBC)

Vince then packed his things and left hastily.

After Phil told Phil and Mitch what had happened, Phil told Denise to stop Kim on her crusade for answers.

But where is Vincent?

Who is Vincent Hubbard in EastEnders?

Vincent first appeared in February 2015. He is also the father of Pearl Fox-Hubbard and Mica Fox.

Vincent first appeared in 2015 (Credit: BBC)

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He had an on-off relationship with Kim Fox and the two got married.

He was played by Richard Blackwood.

What happened to Vincent Hubbard?

Vincent went missing in April 2018 when he fell into a trap set by Phil Mitchell, gang boss Aidan Maguire and the corrupt copper DCI Alsworth.

Vincent decided to leave Walford with Kim and their daughter Pearl with the help of DCI Alsworth.

Vincent soon withdrew from the plan, but Alsworth and Phil had another idea.

Vincent was put in the back seat of a car and pushed away, and Phil watched from a distance as they drove off.

On the phone, Phil told a mysterious caller that he wanted to “scare Vincent”.

Vincent was then driven into the middle of nowhere when a man Vincent was holding a gun. Before the audience could see Vincent’s fate, however, there was a duff-duff.

Vincent has not been seen since.

What did Richard Blackwood say about returning?

Richard has been talking about his role at EastEnders since he left.

Speaking on a 2019 press launch of Dancing On Ice on EastEnders, he said, “I miss it about the good times I had there and the family I had there.

“But I’m also happy to watch it from a distance and see how it develops, but I would keep going back there. I’ll be happy to come back when the opportunity arises.

Richard plays Felix in Hollyoaks (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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“[The door] is slightly ajar, everyone loves Vincent, so I’m happy about it. “

Richard Felix Westwood currently stars in Channel 4’s Hollyoaks soap.

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