Who is Violet Highway in EastEnders and is she hiding a secret?

Violet Highway in EastEnders has only been in Walford for about a month, but she certainly made a name for herself in the Square.

Vis left her mark on the pitch (Credit: BBC)

From trying to pair up her – married – grandson Stuart Highway with Honey Mitchell, insulting her fellow grandson’s husband Callum Ben, and shaking grandson-in-law Rainie’s nose, Vi has caused trouble everywhere.

Who plays Violet Highway in EastEnders?

Violet Highway is played by legendary actress Gwen Taylor. She has seen Gwen’s long and varied career in films like Monty Python’s The Life of Brian and a list of TV shows as long as your arm!

Gwen made a name for herself in the 1980s sitcom Duty Free. She was nominated for a TV Bafta for her role in A Bit of a Do and played the title character in Barbara. She has been to Midsomer Murders, Wycliffe, Inspector Morse, Doc Martin, Trollied and Heartbeat and many more.

In 2011, Gwen stepped onto Coronation Street and played Anne Foster, the mother of Frank Foster, who raped Carla Connor. Anne was exposed as Frank’s murderer after a crime story.

And now she’s taken her expertise to Albert Square.

Gwen is married to the playwright Graham Reid and is stepmother and step-grandmother to his three children and two grandchildren.

Violet’s family tree

Vi is the mother of Stuart and Callum’s father Jonno. He’s a nasty work. He came to Albert Square in July 2019 at the invitation of Whitney.

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He insulted both Ben and Callum with his homophobic views. And when he returned to Albert Square a few months later, he wasn’t impressed to hear that Callum had canceled his wedding to Whitney.

When Callum came to his father, Jonno reacted badly. He accused Ben of making Callum gay and was rewarded with a slap by Phil Mitchell for his bad opinions. Yay!

Phil beat Jonno (Credit: BBC)

Vi lives with Jonno, but it seems that there is more to their arrival than meets the eye. What did she not tell her grandchildren? And does that mean she might be staying at Walford longer than we thought?

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