Who is Whitney Dean in EastEnders? Who was she engaged to?

Whitney Dean in EastEnders is currently struggling to come to terms with the death of her fiancé Kush Kazemi.

Poor Whit’s has had a string of failed romances since arriving on the square as Bianca Jackson’s stepdaughter in 2008. Abused by Bianca’s fiancé Tony King, sexually exploited by Rob Grayson, she was married once and engaged three times.

Whitney is played by Shona McGarty (Image Credit: BBC)

Whitney is played by actress Shona McGarty. The talented young woman was only a teenager when she got the role and grew up on the big screen.

Whitney Dean and Tony King

By the time Bianca’s fiancé Tony arrived on the square, it was revealed that he had cared for and started a relationship with teenage Whitney when she was just 12 years old.

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Tony’s control and emotional manipulation of Whitney was difficult to observe. And as Whitney got older, Tony lost interest – instead he turned to her friend Lauren Branning. Finally, on the day Whitney turned 16 – and still believed their romance was consensual – Whitney confessed everything to her appalled stepmother, Bianca.

Tony and Whitney Dean from EastEnders
Tony groomed Whitney (Image Credit: BBC / YouTube)

Bianca called the police and Tony was arrested while Whitney realized that his interest in her was abuse. Tony later killed himself in prison.

Whitney’s abuse story was rewritten when Tony’s son Leo arrived on the square in 2019 for revenge.

Whitney’s sexual exploitation

Whitney met Rob Grayson (played by Shameless star Jody Latham), who saw she was troubled and vulnerable and helped her when she needed someone.

Whitney and Rob
Whitney escaped Rob in Southend (Image Credit: BBC / YouTube)

But Rob was manipulative and soon Whitney was tricked into having sex with men to pay off Rob’s debt.

Whit’s friend Lauren was determined to get her buddy away from Rob, but she couldn’t do it on her own. When Whitney landed in Southend, it was Whit’s half-brother Ryan (father of Stacey Slater’s daughter Lily) who was helping.

In the end he fought with Rob on the pier and Rob died.

Whitney and Lee Carter

Whit fell in love with Lee Carter almost as soon as he got to the square and the two got engaged. But Lee was struggling with depression and Whitney found it difficult to deal with.

When Lee heard Whit admit she was considering breaking up their relationship, he went missing on their wedding day and got drunk instead.

Kiss Whitney Mick
Whitney and Mick kissed (Photo credit: BBC / YouTube)

But the two worked through their differences even though Whitney Lee’s father kissed Mick. When Whit confessed to snogging Mick, Lee forgave her and suggested again.

Whitney was thrilled to find out she was pregnant and heartbroken when she miscarried later. But she and Lee finally tied the knot.

Whitney Lee wedding
Whitney and Lee got married (Photo credit: BBC / YouTube)

However, their marriage was fraught with difficulties, and Lee’s sanity was deteriorating. He even hit Whitney once. Eventually Lee left Whitney on Valentine’s Day and moved to Dover.

Whitney Dean in EastEnders and her heartbreak

After Lee left, Whitney – who was still struggling with her feelings for Mick – got close to his friend Woody Woodward. They got engaged and planned to move to Spain to run a bar.

But Woody jumped off without Whitney, just leaving her message that she was better at Walford. What a rat!

Whit’s stepsister Tiffany made a date for her with Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway, and although their romance was slow to start, Whitney eventually fell in love with the kind-hearted ex-soldier.

Whitney loved Callum but he struggled with his sexuality (Credit: BBC)

But Callum was not being honest with his girlfriend, and although he suggested to Whitney and they began planning their wedding, he secretly had feelings for Ben Mitchell.

After Callum confessed to kissing Ben, Whitney agreed to continue the wedding, but she changed her mind on the big day and the couple broke up.

Leo King

When Whitney Dean got home from her honeymoon in EastEnders, she told her friends that she had met another man – Leo. But Tiff warned her that she had seen him at Whitney’s wedding and Jack was suspicious of the clumsy newcomer.

It was revealed that Leo was Tony King’s son. He believed Whitney had made up the charges against his father, and he wanted revenge.

Whit was afraid of Leo King (Image credit: BBC)

He began to pursue Whitney, made her life miserable and eventually hid in the attic of Sonia’s house, spying on poor Miss Dean.

After a dramatic confrontation in the house, Whitney fought and Leo and Leo fell on the knife that Whit was using to defend himself.

In a panic, Whitney called Mick for help and then went to the Carters’ boat party on the Thames in the 35th anniversary special.

Whitney was arrested for Leo’s murder and held in prison while she awaited her trial.

But thanks to the unlikely hero Gray Atkins, Whitney was found not guilty.

Whitney, Kush and Gray

Whit has been a real support to Gray and his children since Chantelle’s death – from Gray, of course, though the unsuspecting Whitney doesn’t know.

But when she approached Kush, Gray was not impressed, and when the couple got engaged after a whirlwind romance, Gray was even more upset.

Whitney and Kush were happy until Gray stepped in (Image credit: BBC)

So the serial killer pushed Mr. Atkins Kush in front of a subway just as he and Whitney were driving to Dubai to start a new life together.

Heartbroken and convinced that the Mitchells were behind Kush’s death, she has already taken revenge, which accidentally brought Kat Slater to the hospital.

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