Who is Zak Dingle in Emmerdale? The head of the thing returns

Zak Dingle returns to Emmerdale in today’s episode (Monday January 18). Where was he?

While visiting the Dales, Debbie told Charity that she wanted her to move back to the pub with Chas. When Zak heard the conflict, he went to them and asked for answers.

Zak is back in Emmerdale (Image credit: ITV)

But who is Zak and who is he in the Dingle family?

Who is Zak Dingle in Emmerdale?

Zak Dingle is the head of the Dingle clan. He is the father of Nathan, Butch, Ben, Kain, Sam, Tina and Belle. However, only Cain, Sam and Belle still live in the village.

His first wife was Nellie Lynch, the mother of Nathan, Butch, Ben, Sam and Tina.

Nellie is Zak’s first wife (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

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He later married Lisa Clegg in 1998. Lisa gave birth to Belle that year, unaware that she was pregnant.

Meanwhile, Zak’s son Cain was born after Zak had an affair with Faith Dingle, Zak’s sister-in-law who was married to his brother Shadrach.

Zak’s marriages

Zak’s first marriage was to Nellie. However, in 1995 she moved to Ireland to take care of her sick father.

The following year, Zak met Lisa, and he and Nellie divorced.

In 2015, however, Belle was furious when she found out Zak was having an affair with her lodger, Joanie Wright.

She revealed the matter to her mother and family members on Christmas Day.

Joanie and Zak had an affair (Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

Zak and Lisa divorced in 2016 and married Joanie that same year. But their marriage didn’t last long when they ended their relationship just months later when Zak told her he didn’t want to move out of the village.

In December 2016, Joanie was sentenced to one month in prison after attacking a police officer.

Lisa picked her up in January 2017, but had a cardiac arrest in the van and died.

Eventually Zak and Lisa made up. In 2018 Lisa went to Scotland and was soon supported by Zak.

Zak and Lisa got married twice (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

When he discovered Lisa was terminally ill. Lisa and Zak returned to the village in 2019 and discovered that Lisa had amyloidosis.

Zak proposed Lisa and the couple married a few days later. During the wedding, however, Lisa returned to Wishing Well Cottage, where she died.

The Dingle family was devastated by her death.

Where was Zak?

Lisa was left in a garage in Scotland by a friend. After her death, Lisa left the garage to kick granddaughter Debbie and daughter Belle.

Debbie returned to the village (Image credit: ITV)

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Debbie decided to move to Scotland in August 2019 to run the garage. Zak went to Scotland to spend time with and help out Debbie.

He briefly returned to the village in 2020 to baptize Baby Eve.

Will Zak stay in the village?

It looks like Debbie could stay in the village for a while while she tends to daughter Sarah and cheating friend Al.

It is not known if Zak will stay in the village, but with his family members currently at war, it appears he could be around for a while. At least we hope so!

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