Who is Zara Holland? Love Island Star Avoids Jail for Violating COVID Rules

Love Island star Zara Holland – also a former Miss Great Britain – has escaped from prison in the Caribbean.

She appeared in court today in Barbados, where she was delighted to flee the country with her boyfriend Elliot Love after testing positive for coronavirus.

Instead of jail time, Zara was fined heavily for violating quarantine rules.

This is despite a tourist from Jamaica who was reportedly jailed last week for a less serious crime.

Love Island’s Zara Holland has escaped from Barbados prison (Image credit: Splash News)

Who is Zara Holland and why did she try to flee the country?

Zara is best known for appearing in the 2016 series of Love Island.

She had sex with her competitor Alex Bowen and was subsequently stripped of her Miss Great Britain crown.

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Zara arrived at the court today in a chic black dress and blue face covering.

She was “intercepted” at the airport earlier this month while trying to return to the UK.

The handful who have chosen to ignore our morals, ignore our customs, ignore our laws and guidelines must be held accountable.

When they landed in Barbados over the Christmas period, Elliot tested positive for the virus.

They were apparently given red bracelets and had to isolate themselves at their hotel until they could be taken to an isolation center on the island.

However, they are said to have cut off the wristbands and booked a flight home on British Airways.

They then took a taxi to the airport, where officers stopped them.

Why wasn’t Elliot Love in court today?

Zara appeared in court alone because Elliot is still isolated.

The Barbados government has put in place tough laws to ensure tourists don’t spread the deadly virus.

As a result, Zara was fined $ 12,000 or £ 4,417 for breaking the rules.

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It was believed that she could have ended up in prison for up to a year.

Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley said she was more than ready to take “necessary action” against tourists who break the rules.

“I believe that by far the majority of tourists meet the requirements.

“But the handful who have chosen to ignore our morals, ignore our customs, ignore our laws and policies, must be held equally accountable,” she said.

Zara Holland and her guy on vacation
Zara and her boyfriend tried to flee the country (Credit: Splash News)

Rita Ora also under attack

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The Masked Singer judge is said to have been “tacitly” removed from the latest EE and Apple advertising campaigns at the end of last year after obvious rule violations.

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