Who plays Amy on Coronation Street? How old is Elle Mulvaney?

Amy has been on Coronation Street since 2004. But who is Elle Mulvaney, who is playing her? And how old is she?

Who plays Amy on Coronation Street?

Amy is played by 18-year-old actress Elle Mulvaney.

Elle has played Amy since 2010 (Credit: ITV)

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Elle has played Amy since 2010. She is the eighth actress to play Tracy and Steve’s daughter.

Who is Elle Mulvaney?

In addition to being an actress, Elle is also frequently active on her Instagram and TikTok social media accounts.

The actress shares makeup and beauty videos and talks about working on Coronation Street.

She recently shared pictures of her new hair and put on makeup on Instagram.

She titled the post: “I got bored, did my hair and makeup, and did a TikTok – how’s your night going?”

Her co-star Tanisha Gorey, who plays Asha Alahan, commented, “The natural beauty that you hold honest amazes me.”

Emmerdale actress Daisy Campbell, who plays Amelia Spencer, wrote, “Beauty.”

Last month, Elle and Tanisha shared a behind the scenes tour of the show on TikTok.

Who is Amy’s family?

Amy Barlow is the daughter of Steve and Tracy McDonald, born in 2004.

She is also the granddaughter of Ken Barlow, Dierdre Barlow, Liz McDonald, and Jim McDonald.

Amy and her family (Image credit: ITV)

Amy has three half-siblings on her father’s side, Emma Brooker, Oliver Battersby, who sadly passed away recently, and Rauiri McDonald, who died after his premature birth.

Amy Barlow pregnant on Coronation Street? Who Made You Pregnant?

In 2019, Amy discovered she was pregnant when she was 14. At first she refused to say who the father is, but eventually Tracy discovered that it was 17-year-old Tyler Jefferies who was terrorizing Amy’s cousin Simon.

Originally, the teenager decided that she wanted to keep the baby. However, when her parents talked about adopting their baby, she had a resignation behind her back.

Amy discovered she was pregnant in 2019 (Image credit: ITV)

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At first, Tracy believed she had a miscarriage, but eventually she told her that she had an abortion.

Her heart had been broken in the past few weeks when her brother Oliver died. The toddler was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease last year.

After weeks of life support, Steve and Oliver’s mother Leanne made the difficult decision to turn off their son’s life support.

Coronation Street airs Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. with an hour-long episode on Fridays at 7:30 p.m. on ITV.

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