Who plays Blaise in Midsomer Murders? The star’s Bronagh Waugh

DCI John Barnaby and DS Jamie Winter return to ITV1 to solve another crime – but who plays Blaise McQuin in Midsomer Murders?

Actress Bronagh Waugh portrayed Cheryl Brady in C4 soap Hollyoaks from 2008 to 2013.

How did she go And who does she play in Midsomer Murders?

Bronagh Waugh with her former Hollyoaks castmates Jorgie Porter and Anna Shaffer (Credit: Splash)

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Who plays Blaise McQuin in Midsomer Murders?

Bronagh Waugh portrays Blaise McQuin in Midsomer Murders: With Baited Breath.

Blaise is a social media fishing legend.

She is one of those hopefuls who descend into the Solomon Gorge to discover the regional version of the Loch Ness monster – the ‘Ahab’.

The ahab is said to be a mysterious animal of a fish that lurks in the water of the lake.

On several recent sightings, the stakes are increased when local fisherman Freddie Lamb (played by Dunkirk actor Aneurin Barnard) wagers £ 20,000 in prize money for anyone who manages to catch the monster.

Word gets around quickly and it doesn’t take long before several world-famous anglers descend into the sleepy town – and then someone dies obvs!

Who plays Blaise in Midsomer Murders? What else was Bronagh Waugh in?

Bronagh is probably best known for playing Cheryl Brady in Hollyoaks Later and Hollyoaks.

She portrayed the wife of serial killer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) in The Fall for all three series of the drama.

Bronagh played Jessica Reid in the third series of Unforgotten and Charlotte Proctor in Des.

The actress has also appeared in Holby City, Supernatural, Derry Girls, and Strike.

She will soon be featured in the upcoming ITV1 thriller Viewpoint.

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Who did Bronagh play in Hollyoaks and how did she leave?

Bronagh portrayed Cheryl Brady in Hollyoaks Later and Hollyoaks between 2008 and 2013.

The character first appeared on screen in November 2008, during the first series of Hollyoaks spin-off Hollyoaks Later.

She came in as a former love interest from Malachy Fisher.

Bronagh made her first appearance on Hollyoak’s main episodes in July 2009 and bought a comical item for the soap.

She left the show after four years.

Her final scenes as Cheryl aired in March 2013, the same week as Emmett Scanlan’s character Brendan – who played her brother.

Commenting on her decision to leave, she explained, “The decision to leave Hollyoaks was a difficult one.

“I’ve had the most incredible four years on the show and the cast and crew are really like my family – but it just feels like the right time for me and for Cheryl.”

Viewers watched Cheryl move to Ireland to start a new life with her fiancé Nate after Brother Brendan assumed the blame for Seamus’ death.

In fact, it was Cheryl who killed Seamus.

Cheryl Brady Hollyoaks
Bronagh Waugh played Cheryl Brady in Hollyoaks for more than four years (Image Credit: C4 / Lime Pictures)

Who plays Blaise in Midsomer Murders? Is Bronagh Married or Single?

Bronagh is dating Richard Peacock, and the couple had a no-wedding ceremony in September 2018.

The couple have vowed NOT to marry until gay marriage is legal in Northern Ireland.

Bronagh shared a stunning photo of her celebration and told her friends, family and 123,000 Twitter followers that she is committed to “marriage of equals.”

Bronagh received good wishes from her fellow actors.

Jamie, the star of Fifty Shades, tweeted, “Oh, so beautiful. Congratulations on a long and happy life together. “

The actress is an avid supporter and activist for gay rights.

Her Canadian mother is gay and in a same-sex relationship, but cannot marry in Northern Ireland due to the law that currently prohibits same-sex marriage.

How old is Bronagh Waugh?

Bronagh was born on October 6, 1982.

She is currently 38 years old.

Bronagh Waugh in Des
Bronagh Waugh as Charlotte Proctor in Des (Image credit: ITV1)

Where is Bronagh from?

Bronagh is an Irish actress.

She was born in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

However, she now lives in Guildford, Surrey.

Midsomer Murders: With bait breath – what is it about?

When a violent attack leads Barnaby into the picturesque village of Solomon Gorge, he admires the beauty of the place completely.

And when a former colleague gives him a glimpse into the relaxed life of a retiree, he wonders if it might be time for him to submit his badge …

However, he soon has more pressing questions to ponder when a man goes missing and is later electrocuted.

Midsomer Murders: With Baited Breath will air on ITV1 on Sunday March 28, 2021 at 8 p.m.

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