Who plays DI Ella Richards?


If DI Ella Richards sounds familiar to you in The Pembrokeshire Murders, let us tell you where you’ve seen Alexandria Riley before.

The actress stars alongside Luke Evans, Keith Allen and David Fynn, but who does she play and what else was she in?

The Pembrokeshire murders began this week (Image credit: ITV)

Who is Alexandria Riley?

Alexandria Riley is an actress who is known for a number of television shows.

She is a Wales born star originally from Newport.

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She got a role in a top ITV drama, but according to the website IMDB, she’s relatively new to the screen, having only appeared in TV productions in 2017.

Who does Alexandria play in the Pembrokeshire Murders?

DI Ella Richards, the Pembrokeshire Murders character who plays Alexandria Riley, works closely with Luke Evans’ detective Steve Wilkins to bring down killer John Cooper.

As BT News Alexandria reportedly described the character as coming from a mix of different people in real life.

Alexandria Riley plays DI Ella Richards (Image credit: ITV)

She said, “Ella is an amalgamation of several different people and positions on the team at the time.

Ella is an amalgamation of several different people and positions in the team.

“The police really had problems with their failure to bring justice. Ella and Steve are partners, expressing the thinking that would have been going on in their heads and the struggles and trauma they would have been through.

“It speaks it out and gives it a dialogue. Ella also brings a lot of heart to the piece. “

She plays alongside Hollywood actor Luke Evans (Credit: ITV)

What else was Alexandria Riley in?

Alexandria’s actors include the TV shows Warren and Almost Never.

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According to IMDB, her first role in the crime series Bang was in 2017.

More recently, she played Leigh in The End of the F *** ing World and Ms. Morgan in In My Skin.

Viewers may also recognize her voice, as she has appeared on a number of Torchwood and Doctor Who radio plays.

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