Who plays Sanya in Holby City? Was Dona Croll in EastEnders?

Dona Croll visits Holby City this week and plays Sanya Morrison.

The 67-year-old actress is Max McGerry’s mother and comes in as a patient.

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However, it quickly becomes clear that Max and Sanya don’t get along well.

And that she may even be hiding important secrets from her daughter.

But this isn’t Dona’s first time in Holby City.

Dona is a very successful British television actress (Credit: YouTube)

In fact, the star became known for his role in accident insurance back in 1993.

Here we take a deeper look at her career and personal life …

Who did Dona Croll play in Casualty?

Dona played Adele Beckford in Casualty from 1993-1994.

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But she played another character, Lucy Watson, on a 1990 episode.

She then returned as another character, Sister Rachel Culley, for a one-off episode in 2011.

When was the last time she was in Holby City?

Dona will appear as Sanya Morrison in several episodes of Holby City this week (April 2021).

Before that, however, she starred as a character named Amber in the medical drama for a single episode in 2008.

And then as Paula Richards for another one-off appearance in 2004.

dona croll in eastenders
Dona as Emerald in EastEnders (Image Credit: BBC)

When was Dona Croll at EastEnders?

The actress played the character Emerald Fox on EastEnders from January to February 2017.

However, she also played the character Joy Lucas for four episodes in 2006 and played a nurse in two episodes in 1988.

What else was she in?

You may remember Dona for her role as Pearl McHugh on the now defunct Channel 5 soap opera Family Affairs.

She played Pearl from 1999 to 2002.

She also had roles such as Emmerdale, Silent Witness, West of Liberty, Death in Paradise, The Missing and Time Trumpet.

Dona Croll
Dona has appeared in numerous stage productions (Photo credit: Royal Shakespeare Company)

In addition, she is a highly qualified stage actress.

Previous stage roles include All My Sons, The Heresy of Love and Richard II.

During the lockdown, she played Phaedra in 15 Heroines in front of a live streaming audience from the Jermyn Street Theater.

During the conversation with TheBritishBlackListShe said this new era of theatrical performance is quite challenging.

She explained, “I hate filming in the theater.

“There is already an art form for actors moving in front of the camera. It’s called film. Performing without an audience is like swimming with just one arm.

“There’s a give and take between actors and audience, and for me it’s no real theater without it.”

Where is Dona Croll from?

Dona is British and moved to England from Jamaica when she was five.

She said that both of her parents were preachers and they had hoped that she would do the same job.

However, she developed her love of acting in school, and teachers encouraged her to pursue it as her chosen career.

While speaking with BUFF, she said of her acting career, “I’ve been very lucky. If you work hard turn on and dedicate yourself – opportunities are yours.

“And I did. In all fairness, talent is good, luck is good, but hard work is best – and it will pay off. “

* Holby City will air at 7:50 p.m. on BBC One tonight.

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