Who plays Sarah in Emmerdale? Katie Hill

Sarah has been in Emmerdale since 2005. But who is Katie Hill, who is she playing and how old is she?

Last week Sarah got back in touch with drug dealer Danny. But when the police showed up at the pub after finding drugs, Sarah put a bag of pills in Ethan’s jacket to protect Danny.

Tonight’s episode (Monday January 11), Debbie returned to the village after finding out what Sarah was up to.

Sarah got engaged to Danny again (Credit: ITV)

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But who plays Sarah in Emmerdale?

Who plays Sarah in Emmerdale?

Sarah is the daughter of Debbie Dingle and Andy Sugden. It is named after Andy’s adoptive mother, Sarah Sugden.

Sarah is played by actress Katie Hill. Katie is the fifth actress to play Sarah. She took on the role in 2017.

Katie joined the Emmerdale cast in 2017 (Credit: ITV)

Before Katie played Sarah, the character was played by Sophia Amber Moore.

Sophia played Sarah from 2007 to 2016.

Sarah was also played by actresses Lily-May Bartley and Lucy Warren in 2005. Between 2006 and 2007 she was played by Amber Child-Cavill.

Who is Katie Hill? How old is she?

Katie is 17 years old. The actress will turn 18 in March 2021.

It appears that Emmerdale is Katie’s first TV role.

Katie often shares pictures with her co-stars on her Instagram. The actress appears to be close friends with Daisy Campbell, who plays Amelia Spencer on The Soap.

She previously also posted pictures of spending time with her on-screen mom, Charley Webb, and on-screen grandmother, Emma Atkins.

Sarah’s illness

In 2011 Sarah was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Fanconi anemia.

It turned out that Sarah needed a bone marrow donor. But even though Debbie, Andy, and their family were tested, none was a match.

After a donor failed at the last moment, Debbie and Andy decided to have another baby in the hopes that they would match.

Sarah was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Fanconi anemia (Credit: ITV / Shutterstock).

When Debbie was pregnant with her second baby, she was told that Sarah would quickly develop leukemia.

Baby Jack was born in October 2012 and later became a donor for Sarah.

When Sarah lived in France in 2016, she was diagnosed with throat cancer. Her best chance of survival was proton beam therapy. However, Debbie was unable to set up a crowdfunding page on the NHS.

Everyone was stunned when a £ 20,000 donation was added to the site, and it was soon discovered that Sarah’s great-grandmother, Faith Dingle, had sent the money.

Sarah had a heart transplant in 2018 (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

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Faith went to Prague with Sarah to undergo cancer treatment as Debbie was not allowed as she was on police bail. Fortunately, Sarah responded well to the treatment.

However, Sarah was diagnosed with heart failure in 2018, which turned out to be a rare side effect of her chemotherapy.

At the time, Debbie was dating Joe Tate, who paid for her to have the best private health care. Eventually Sarah had a heart transplant.

Emmerdale airs an additional episode on ITV at 7pm on weekdays and an additional episode on Thursdays at 8pm.

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