Who plays Treve in Holby City? What was Karl Collins in?

Holby City character Max McGerry runs into old flame Treve Harding in today’s episode (Tuesday 25 May), but who is Treve and who is playing him?

Who is Treve in Holby City?

In today’s scenes, Max continues to bury her head in the sand for the BRCA1 diagnosis, causing Louis to worry about his mother.

When Louis learns that Max lied about making an appointment with the counselor, he tells her not to run away from her problems anymore.

Max struggles to decide on life-saving surgery. But soon she will be reunited with an old flame.

Treve is a former flame of Max (Credit: BBC)

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Max is happy to see Treve in the hospital and they immediately reconnect over old times.

After an overwhelming day, Max is tempted to turn to alcohol until she gets her wits about it and meets Treve.

She tells Treve that she will proceed with the operation, but only if he does it.

Who is playing Treve?

Treve is played by the actor Karl Collins.

Between 2015 and 2019 he played Louis Loveday in Hollyoaks. In 2019 Louis was killed by serial killer Breda McQueen.

Between 1991 and 2003, Karl DC played Danny Glaze in The Bill.

Karl played Louis in Hollyoaks (Photo Credit: YouTube / Hollyoaks / Lime Pictures)

You can also recognize Karl by his roles in EastEnders, The End of the (Beep) World, Black Mirror, Silent Witness, Doctor Who, Death in Paradise and This Is England ’90, Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It, Fat Monkey, Parallel 9

Karl also starred in the popular 2011 film Attack The Block, starring Jodie Whittaker and John Boyega.

Has Karl been to Holby City before?

This is not the first time that Karl has appeared in Holby.

In 2004 he played a character named Ken Thompson and in 2012 he played Len Grace.

Karl has performed in Holby before (Photo credit: SplashNews.com)

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He has also appeared on several episodes of Holby City’s sister show Casualty with various characters.

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Holby City will air tonight (May 25th) at 7:50 p.m. on BBC One.

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