Who starred in the fifth episode of Series 24?

Silent Witness continues this week with a brand new murder case that Dr. Nikki Alexander and her team are supposed to investigate – but who else appears in the cast of the reputation episode?

The long-running forensic drama is known for its impressive stream of famous faces.

So who are you going to recognize from episode five of series 24 titled Reputations?

Jason Wong as Dr. Adam Yuen, Emilia Fox as Dr. Nikki Alexander and David Caves as Jack Hodgson in Silent Witness (Image: BBC One)

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Call of the silent witness

Of course, Emilia Fox stars in the fifth episode of Silent Witness series 24 as Dr. Nikki Alexander.

New entry Dr. Adam Yuen, played by Jason Wong, joins her on the team.

David Caves appears as Jack Hodgson and has played the role since 2013.

But episode five of Silent Witness, titled Reputations, also features a few other familiar faces as guest stars.

Annette Badland as Babe Smith
Do you remember Annette Badland as Babe Smith in EastEnders? (Image credit: BBC One)

Annette Badland plays Linda Fletcher

Annette Badland, 71, appears as Linda Fletcher on the Silent Witness episode called Reputations.

TV addicts will definitely recognize Annette from a number of roles well into 1975!

Annette played Charlotte in Bergerac, Margaret Blaine in Doctor Who, Brenda in Holding On, and Brawdie Henshall in Cutting It for three years.

The actress also appeared as Thelma Clegg on Coronation Street and Babe Smith on EastEnders from 2014-2017.

More recently, she played Fleur Perkins in Midsomer Murders and Mae in the Emmy-winning series Ted Lasso.

Nicholas Farrell in The Iron Lady
Nicholas Farrell in The Iron Lady (Image: Splash)

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Nicholas Farrell plays Prof. Alan Cowley

Nicholas Farrell is a possible suspicious professor Alan Cowley in the Silent Witness episode titled Reputations.

Actor Nicholas, 65, will be household names to TV fans as the veteran actor has been on our screens since 1975.

He is best known for playing Aubrey Montague in the 1981 film Chariots of Fire, Edmund Bertram in Mansfield Park, and Teddy Bingham in The Jewel in the Crown.

Nicholas has also portrayed Major Church in Lipstick on Your Collar, Leo Beckford in The Choir, Jeremy Crawford in The Jury, and Sydney Holland in Casualty 1907.

He has starred in Torchwood, Secret State, Thirteen, White House Farm, Midsomer Murders, and The Nevers.

It’s also worth noting that he’s married to fellow actor Stella Gonet, star of The House of Eliot, Man Down, and Traces.

Rebecca Atkinson
Rebecca Atkinson guest stars on the Silent Witness episode Reputations (Image: Splash)

Rebecca Atkinson plays Dr. Benning

37-year-old actress Rebecca Atkinson plays Dr. Benning in Silent Witness: Reputations.

However, she is best known for her role in Shameless.

Rebecca played the role of Karen Maguire in Shameless from 2004 to 2013 – she played the only female character to remain on the series for all 11 seasons.

Her real life partner is Shameless co-star Ben Batt, who played Joe Pritchard.

They met on the set in 2008 and share a son.

Rebecca has also starred in Coronation Street, Life on Mars, Ideal, River City, Flatmates, and Cuckoo.

Occupation of the silent witness
Jessica Baglow as DI Cracknell and Stephen Wight as DS Galloway in Silent Witness, episode five (Credit: BBC One)

Stephen Wight plays DS Steve Galloway

If you are a Stephen Wight fan you will be really, really happy this week.

The 41-year-old actor first appeared in the Silent Witness episode Reputations as DS Steve Galloway.

But he ALSO plays in the drama Manhunt: The Night Stalker at the same time on ITV1!

In Manhunt, Stephen also plays a different copper, this time based on the real person DC Clive Grace.

Viewers know Stephen for his roles as Ben in I May Destroy You, Simon in Bluestone 42 and Sam in The Paradise.

Call of the silent witness

Sagar Arya as Dr. Arnie Rahul, Ahmed Elhaj as Simi Jacobs and Pol White as Wilfred Okoye.

Karen Bryson enters as Dr. Emily Braithwaite on, Jessica Baglow plays DI Ruth Cracknell and Herve Goffings plays Rev Canoe.

Jenny Howe plays the coroner and Dandan Liu appears in the role of Marie Yuen.

Meanwhile, Luke Mably plays Jed Fletcher and Richard Pepper plays Dr. Mitchell.

Richard Pepper
Richard Pepper as Dr. Mitchell in Silent Witness (Image: BBC One)

Silent witness, episode five calls – what happens?

Nikki, Jack and Adam investigate the murder of a surgeon in a hospital.

DNA evidence suggests the impossible when dealing with a patient who was under anesthesia at the time of killing.

Meanwhile, Adam’s friendship with the hospital director questions his impartiality.

The Silent Witness episode Reputations will air on Monday September 20 and will continue on BBC One on Tuesday September 21, 2021 at 9 p.m.

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