Who stars in episode 7 of series 24?

Silent Witness series 24 continues this week with episode seven and there are some great guest appearances – so who’s in the cast of Brother’s Keeper?

There’s a new employee at the Lyell Center as a returning face terrifies Jack Hodgson.

Here’s everything you need to know about the cast of the Silent Witness episode called Brother’s Keeper.

Robbie Gee plays Glen Scowcroft, alongside Lorraine Ashbourne as Michelle Lafferty (Image: BBC One)

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Cast of Silent Witness Brother: Lorraine Ashbourne as Michelle Lafferty

Lorraine Ashbourne, 60, plays Michelle Lafferty in the seventh episode of Silent Witness.

She is best known to TV fans from her acting career spanning more than three decades.

We loved her as Mrs. Varley in Bridgerton on Netflix.

She also starred as Barbara Castle in The Crown, DI Tessa Nixon in Unforgotten and Lace Polly in Jericho.

Lorraine’s many other roles include Playing the Field, Clocking Off, The Syndicate, Cheat, and Vera.

She’s also starred as a different character in Silent Witness before!

In 2014 she played DI Rachel Klein in the Coup de Grace episodes.

Robbie Gee plays Glen Scowcroft

Robbie Gee, 51, plays Glen Scowcroft.

He is best known for his Desmond character Lee and is a regular on the BBC’s The Real McCoy.

Robbie has starred in The Firm, Underworld, Snatch and Rollin ‘with the Nines.

He played as Shrimper in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Motherland fans will recognize him as builder Garry in season three.

The actor also appeared as Billy Oates in The Frankenstein Chronicles, PCI Pike in Guilt, Inspector Graham Webb in Cuffs, and DCI Armstrong in The Fades.

Tok Stephen in Silent Witness
Tok Stephen as boxer Ben Coogan in Silent Witness (Image: BBC One)

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Silent Witness Brother cast: Tok Stephen plays Ben Coogan

Tok Stephen plays the boxer Ben Coogan.

He’s relatively new to acting.

He has appeared in Grantchester and Holby City and will soon appear as Charles on the upcoming ITV1 series The Larkins.

Owen McDonnell as Ryan Hodgson

The actor Owen McDonnell plays the brother of Jack Hodgson in Silent Witness.

In the episode titled Brother’s Keeper, Ryan is released from prison and lives with Jack and her father Conor.

Silent Witness viewers first met the character of Ryan in the episode Fraternity on Series 17.

Jack was instrumental in getting his brother arrested for extortion and coercion.

Actor Owen McDonnell will be well known to fans of crime novels.

He is probably best known for his role as the long-suffering Niko Polastri in Killing Eve.

That year he appeared as the seedy Frank Mercer in the second season of The Bay.

Owen’s character was the man behind Stephen Marshbrook’s murder – he didn’t get his hands dirty, however, he paid a hit man to do it!

That year he also appeared as Mark Ryan in Three Families.

Owen previously played Jack in Mount Pleasant.

Owen McDonnell plays Ryan Kelvin in Silent Witness
Owen McDonnell plays Ryan Kelvin in Silent Witness (Image: BBC One)

Casting of the silent witness brother: Richard Durden as Conor Hodsgon

Richard Durden plays Jack and Ryan’s father Conor Hodgson.

The 77-year-old has been on our screens since 1967 and has portrayed characters ranging from the evil angel in Doctor Faustus to the television director in Batman.

He played Dr. John Foster in Trial & Retribution, Sir Henry in World Without End, Mr Boggle in Agatha Raisin and Lord Dodds in Harlots.

Most recently he played the uptight father of the convict Miri Matteson in Back to Life.

Richard Durden in Back to Life
Back to Life star Richard Durden plays Jack’s father in Silent Witness (Image: BBC One)

Genesis Lynea as Simone Tyler

Genesis plays a talented forensic ecologist who joins the team – and proves to be exactly what they need.

Nikki and Jack ask Simone to solve the tricky murder of a promising boxer.

However, Simone wonders if her skills are right for the team at the Lyell Center.

Simone feels more comfortable in the safety of an academic laboratory that reconstructs ancient habitats.

But her unique skills and vibrant personality are exactly what the team needs.

Simone will have her first appearance this week (Monday, September 27, 2021.

Casualty fans will recognize actress Genesis Lynea as Archie Hudson from her short time in the ED.

Bermuda-born Genesis then appeared in the Netflix fantasy drama Shadow and Bone as Natacha.

Dr.  Simone Tyler (GENESIS LYNEA)
Genesis Lynea as Dr. Simone Tyler in Silent Witness (Image: BBC One)

The guardian of the silent witness brother – who else is playing in the cast?

Danielle Henry plays DI Lisa Brodie while Lily Ballantyne plays Elaine.

Crispian Hunter plays Rob, Rhiannon Jones plays Cara Connelly and Nickcolia King N’Da plays Lee Coogan.

Noah Johnson is Ryan Mcken, Beth Hinton-Lever plays Teresa Johnson and Sutara Garyle plays Gloria.

Deliah Campbell-Tapley plays Emily, Hubert Hanowicz is Samuel Kovic, Anna-Jane Casey plays Vanessa Lloyd and Curtis Walker plays the announcer.

Silent Witness, Episode Seven Brother’s Keeper – What Happens?

The murder of a promising boxer takes Nikki (Emilia Fox) and Jack (David Caves) into the world of underground boxing.

Meanwhile, Jack’s brother Ryan is released from prison and lives with Jack and her father Conor.

This leads Jack to struggle to keep peace with his brother and keep the secret that he could be Cara’s (Rhiannon Jones) father.

Silent Witness continues on Monday and Tuesday, September 27 and 28, 2021 at 9 p.m. on BBC One.

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