Who stars in the psychological prequel and when was it done?

Bates Motel airs on the BBC. But when did this horror series first come out?

So is it based on the original Psycho movie?

Who plays Norman Bates? Here you will find answers to these and other questions …

Is Bates Motel a forerunner to Psycho?

Yes. This television series is a sequel to the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho.

In fact, this hit horror film is based on the Robert Bloch novel.

This television adaptation, however, has a unique twist as it plays out in this day and age.

And takes place in a fictional city in Oregon as opposed to a fictional one in California.

Bates Motel received rave reviews (Photo credit: BBC / A&E)

The series imagines the lives of Norman and Norma Bates leading up to the film.

The show begins with the death of Norma’s husband, and she and her Norman leave Arizona for a new life in Oregon.

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Here they buy the Seafairer Motel and as they adjust to their new life, Norman’s mental illness gradually increases.

Although Norma tries to shield and protect him, this often has disruptive consequences.

Where was Bates Motel filmed?

Although the Bates Hotel is set in the fictional town of White Pine Bay, Oregon, it was actually filmed in various locations in British Columbia, Canada.

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Who plays Norman Bates?

Freddie Highmore, now 29, plays Norman Bates in this psychological horror series.

In fact, Freddie is an English actor who appeared in films and television as a child.

Previous film roles include appearances in Finding Neverland, August Rush and Charlie, and The Chocolate Factory.

Since 2017 he has played Dr. Shaun Murphy in The Good Doctor.

Norman Bates
Freddie is an English actor (Photo Credit: BBC / A&E)

Speak with Collider Back in 2013, he said that audiences may be interested in the serial killer he is portraying.

Freddie said, “Norman isn’t just going to do something for Hell. It’s not that you see deaths and people just get killed every episode.

“It’s a long-term vision to see it develop. You get to know characters and then they may need to be let go of. “

Who plays Norman’s mother, Norma Bates?

Norma Bates is played by Vera Farmiga, now 47.

This American actress has appeared in many great blockbuster films.

These include films like The Manchurian Candidate, The Departed, Safe House, and The Conjuring.

Meanwhile Vera was talking The cut In 2017, she was immediately drawn to the character Norma after reading the first script.

Pyscho Norma Bates
Vera is a mainstream Hollywood actress (Image Credit: BBC / A&E)

She said, “It was so obvious that this was an eye catcher in female characterizations – all I wanted to see and explore. Norma was prone to error, she was fallible, but I found her so adorable.

“On three sides I could see their assertiveness, their strength, their courage, their nonsense, but above all for me their indomitable will to persevere.”

Who else is on the show?

Other stars include the lost actor Nestor Carbonell as local sheriff and Mike Vogel of Under The Dome as deputy sheriff.

While Texas Rising and SEAL Team Star Max Thieriot will appear as Norman’s older brother Dylan Bates.

Will Brooklyn Beckham’s girlfriend be there?

Nicola Peltz, who is engaged to Brooklyn Beckham, played Bradley Martin on series one through three of Bates Motel.

Nicola Peltz at the Bates Motel
Nicola as Bradley Martin (Image Credit: BBC / A&E)

How many series are there?

There are five series of Bates Motel. The first series premiered in March 2013 on the American channel A&E.

The last episode aired in April 2017.

All five series can now be streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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