Who’s Buster in EastEnders? What happened between him and Shirley?

EastEnders character Buster is mentioned by Nancy Carter on today’s episode of the soap (Wednesday June 16), but who is he?

Who’s Buster in EastEnders?

Buster Briggs is the biological father of Shirley’s sons Mick Carter and Dean Wicks.

Buster is Mick’s dad (Image: BBC)

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This makes him the grandfather of Mick’s children Frankie, Lee, Nancy, Johnny and Ollie. He is also the grandfather of Jade Green, the biological daughter of Dean and Shabnam Masood.

He is played by actor Karl Howman and performed from 2014 to 2016.

What happened between Shirley and Buster?

Shirley and Buster met as children. As teenagers, they started hanging out together and started dating.

Shirley noticed she was gaining weight, but her mother Sylvie saw her stomach and it turned out that she was four months pregnant.

Shirley gave birth in a trailer and after that Sylvie told her to forget that she had a son. Mick grew up as Shirley’s and Tina’s brother and didn’t learn until an adult that Shirley was his mother.

Shirley Carter Eastenders
Buster and Shirley have had an on and off relationship since they were teenagers (Image: BBC)

In 2014, Buster came to Walford and it was revealed that he was a convict who was in prison.

He spent the night in Shirley’s trailer and Mick and Dean towed the trailer, believing Shirley was inside.

Sean soon found out that Buster was his father and later realized that Mick was his son too.

Buster later denied Dean after realizing he was a rapist.

Buster and Kathy Beale

Buster and Kathy later began a secret relationship despite being back with Shirley.

After seeing Kathy abducted by her estranged husband, Gavin Sullivan, he and Sharon went to Gavin’s address.

A woman fell from the balcony and Buster feared it was Kathy, but it turned out to be Gavin’s sister Margaret.

He soon found Kathy in one of the rooms and helped her escape.

Buster and Kathy had an affair (Credit: BBC)

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Although Kathy thought it would be best to end the relationship, they continued to see each other in secret. However, Kathy’s ex-husband Phil found out when he saw them kiss.

Kathy’s son Ben was later attacked in a homophobic attack and the affair ended.

Lee realized that Buster was cheating on Shirley and told Mick, who confronted his father about it.

Mick told Buster to tell Shirley the truth, otherwise he would have nothing more to do with him.

Buster realized he was no longer in love with Shirley and decided to leave Walford with Kathy. Kathy decided to stay in Walford, however, and Buster left alone.

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