Who’s on Celebrity Gogglebox 2021: Lorraine Kelly divides opinion

Celebrity Gogglebox 2021 viewers were divided after Lorraine Kelly made her debut on the show.

The 61-year-old breakfast TV star appeared on Friday evening (June 4, 2021) together with her daughter Rosie for the first time on the successful C4 show.

But Lorraine and Rosie have received mixed reactions from gogglebox fans.

Lorraine Kelly shared Celebrity Gogglebox 2021 viewers (Image: C4)

The verdict of celebrity gogglebox fans on Lorraine?

While the show was on Twitter, viewers shared their thoughts on Lorraine’s gogglebox debut.

One tweeted: “Lorraine and Rosie hardly had any opinions #celebritygogglebox.”

“Lorraine Kelly’s voice comes through me,” said another.

A third wrote, “I don’t know whose idea it was to put Lorraine Kelly on Gogglebox, but it was a terrible idea. Can’t stand her. “

Another shared his fears that Lorraine and Rosie Rylan have replaced Clark Neal and his mother Linda on the show.

Celebrity Gogglebox 2021: Lorraine Kelly divides opinions
Lorraine appeared on C4 with her daughter Rosie

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“Where’s @Rylan? He and his mother were my favorites… please don’t tell me they were replaced by Lorraine Kelly, I can’t stand them, ”said the fan.

But some were happy to see Lorraine on Celebrity Gogglebox and greeted her on their screens.

One raved, “Nice to see Lorraine Kelly being normal at home instead of her bubbly TV celebrity personality …”

Another added, “There are so many of you who don’t like the idea that @Lorraine is on #celebritygogglebox, but it got you all to talk about her!”

Tax battle in Lorraine

Several Celebrity Gogglebox fans were quick to refer to Lorraine’s fight against HMRC in 2019.

The star faced a bill of nearly £ 900,000 in income tax and over £ 300,000 in social security contributions in 2016.

But Lorraine escaped the £ 1.2 million bill after the judge ruled in her favor, declaring she was a “self-employed star.”

Who's on Celebrity Gogglebox 2021: Lorraine Kelly divides opinions
Lorraine battled HMRC over a monster tax bill in 2019 (Image: ITV)

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Judge Jennifer Dean ruled that Lorraine is “a personality of herself,” which means that she could be considered a theater artist.

One Gogglebox fan tweeted, “Is Lorraine Kelly Lorraine Kelly or the person known as Lorraine Kelly?”

Another wrote: “Wait a minute, did Lorraine Kelly or Lorraine Kelly play Lorraine Kelly?”

A third said: “Does anyone know if this is Lorraine Kelly or the artist who plays Lorraine Kelly? …”

‘You are dirty!’

Hours before Celebrity Gogglebox launched, Lorraine took to Twitter herself and told her 643,000 followers, “It’s finally here, tonight we’re joining the @C4gogglebox family!”

Lorraine also shared a clip from the show in which Rosie said, “What’s up with those tight pants and tops in boys?

“Even with these pants you can see his ankle.”

In the footage, Lorraine bursts out laughing and says, “His ankle ?! I thought you would say something else! “

Rosie said to her, “You are filthy mother, you are filthy.”

The Celebrity Gogglebox continues next Friday at 9 p.m. on C4.

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