Why did he leave Walford?

Lee Carter has returned to EastEnders after a long absence tonight (Thursday December 31st). But who is Lee? And why did he leave Walford at all?

Who is Lee Carter in EastEnders?

Lee is the son of Mick and Linda Carter. Mick and Linda also have children, Nancy, Johnny and Ollie.

Lee originally appeared from 2014 to 2017 (Credit: BBC)

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When Mick and Linda first moved to Walford after buying The Queen Vic, Lee was serving in the Army. However, he soon made his way to Albert Square.

Lee’s marriage to Whitney

Lee started dating Whitney Dean shortly after his arrival. However, he began to struggle with depression.

The two eventually married, but their relationship was far from perfect.

Lee and Whitney’s relationship broke down (Credit: BBC)

Whitney eventually kissed Lee’s father Mick. Meanwhile, Lee Whitney cheated on Abi Branning and fell ill with chlamydia.

In 2016, Whitney discovered she was pregnant with Lee’s child. Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage.

Unfortunately, things only got worse for the couple, and Lee even met Whitney at some point.

Why did Lee leave Walford?

After struggling with his sanity, Lee went to Dover. Mick went to his son and told him he wanted to stay away from Albert Square.

Lee returned to Walford shortly to tell Whitney about the situation. He tearfully said goodbye to his family and moved away from London in 2017.

A few weeks later Whitney received a letter from Lee’s lawyer citing her unreasonable behavior as a reason for a divorce.

In 2019, Lee was returning to Walford when Mick contacted him to surprise Linda.

Lee returned to Walford in 2019 (Image Credit: BBC)

Lee tried to help his mother when she was struggling with alcohol addiction.

But when Whitey found out Lee was back, she was mad at him for blaming her for the breakdown of their marriage.

Lee apologized to his ex-wife, saying she didn’t deserve the way he treated her. She admitted that she was afraid to leave her house when she was followed by Leo King.

He advised her to fight back and she decided to dress up for New Year’s Eve. The former couple then agreed to be friends.

What else was Danny Hatchard in?

Danny Hatchard EastEnders Our Girl (Image credit: BBC)
Danny Hatchard went on to play cheese in our girl (Credit: BBC)

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Lee is played by Danny Hatchard.

After Danny left EastEnders, he starred in BBC Private Rhett’s fourth series of Our Girl ‘Cheese’ Charlton.

He will also play a character named Lee in the new TV series Ridley Road.

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