Why did Michael Moffat kill Penny Beale?

Channel 5’s Countdown to Murder investigates Michael Moffat’s murder of Penny Beale. currently in jail.

Today’s episode explores her tragic death and Michael’s attempt to cover his tracks.

But how did she die? And why did he kill his girlfriend?

In the following we examine the case and where Michael is today …

How did Michael Moffat kill Penny Beale?

Michael Moffat murdered Penny Beale on November 25th.

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He kicked and stamped his girlfriend to death.

The then 49-year-old unemployed craftswoman killed 31-year-old Penny in her basement apartment.

Penny’s mother, also known as Penny, speaks to BBC News (Credit: BBC)

She had just returned from a drinking lesson in a pub called The Smugglers.

Witnesses said she was extremely drunk and was seen tripping over.

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After Michael murdered her, he went to The Smugglers with a friend.

He left her body covered with a duvet at her home.

Why did he kill her?

Penny’s mother claimed their eighteen-month relationship was implicated in alcohol and drug abuse.

She also said she suspected that Michael had been violent against her daughter on many occasions.

The exact reason Michael killed his girlfriend is unknown.

Matthew and Penny
Michael and Penny together (Image credit: BBC)

However, his defense attorney made the argument that he was provoked.

He claimed she mocked him about an ex and that he later showed remorse.

How did he try to defend himself?

After Michael returned from the pub that evening, he called the police.

He said he had no idea how she got hurt when they arrived.

He even said he believed she would be fine even though she was clearly dead.

Prosecutor David Fisher, QC, said, “Mr Moffat told the operator that Penny Beale would not wake up, that she was unconscious, cold and without a pulse. He seemed spontaneous and disinterested.

Moffat didn’t seem upset and said ‘she will be fine’.

Penny as a child
Penny as a young girl (Photo credit: BBC)

“The paramedics asked him what happened and he said he came back from the store and just found her.”

Initially, the police wondered if the death was an accidental drug overdose.

Traces of cannabis and ecstasy have been found in Penny’s system.

But her internal injuries indicated a physical attack.

Michael was arrested on November 28th and charged with murder.

He was later sentenced to life imprisonment.

After serving his sentence, Judge Justice Wright said, “When she was drunk, you should have taken care of her to keep her from harm.

“But you didn’t. You have launched a horrific attack with your fists and feet – an attack that lasts for many minutes. “

Is Michael Moffat Still In Jail?

Michael is said to be still in prison

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