Why did Shobna Gulati leave ITV soap?

Shobna Gulati is currently showing off her culinary skills on Celebrity Best Home Cook on BBC One, but she is probably more famous for her role in Corrie.

The actress starred in ITV soap from 2001 to 2013.

But why did she go? And what else did she play in?

Everything you need to know is here.

Shobna Gulati attends Celebrity Best Home Cook (Image Credit: BBC One)

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Who was Shobna Gulati in Corrie?

Shobna Gulati joined Corrie in 2001 as Sunita Parekh.

She became Sunita Alahan when she married Dev in 2004.

In 2006, Sunita gave birth to twins Aadi and Asha.

By then, the Alahans’ perfect family life was already ruined when Sunita discovered that Dev had numerous other children whom he had kept secret from her.

Sunita died in tragic scenes that aired in April 2013.

The character was killed by Karl Munro shortly after the Rovers fire in 2013.

Sunita watched Karl set the rovers on fire to prepare Jason Grimshaw for shady electrics.

As a result, Karl let her die in the burning building.

She survived, but Karl loosened her breathing tubes in the hospital to finish the job.

Why did Shobna leave Corrie?

Shobna announced her departure from Coronation Street in 2013.

She expressed a desire to write and perform more comedy than her work in a soap opera had left her time.

The actress later admitted that the grueling soap schedule affected her love life.

Shobna Gulati portrayed Sunita on Coronation Street (Image credit: ITV)
Shobna Gulati portrayed Sunita on Coronation Street (Image credit: ITV)

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What else did Shobna play in?

Shobna’s earliest appearance was as a dancer in the video for Boy George’s 1991 single Bow Down Mister.

In the late 90s, she appeared on both series of Victoria Wood’s BBC sitcom Dinner Ladies.

She performed as Ameena Badawi in EastEnders from October to December 2000.

But she is best known for her role as Sunita on Coronation Street.

After Sunita left Corrie for the first time in 2006, she played Nisha Clayton, a recurring role on the final series of Where the Heart Is.

In November 2010, Shobna was a guest panelist on ITV’s Loose Women, and in 2016 she appeared on the ITV / Netflix series Paranoid.

She played Najia Khan in Doctor Who for four episodes from 2018 to 2020.

Shobna can currently be seen on BBC One on Celebrity Best Home Cook.

Is Shobna Married?

The star of Celebrity Best Home Cook married the architect Anshu Srivastava in November 1990 in a Hindu ceremony.

They divorced four years later in May 1994.

While separated from her husband, she became pregnant with her son Akshay.

Shobna has dated former Emmerdale star Gary Turner.

More recently, Shobna dated Anthony Brown, 17 years younger than her.

She ended the relationship due to the age difference.

Does Shobna have a son?

Shona has a 26-year-old son named Akshay Gulati but was unable to have children.

The former Corrie star has spoken openly about how her local community viewed it as a “no-no” for not having her son married.

Keep talking White Wine Question TimeShe announced that she had moved in with her mother Asha to raise her son Akshay.

But the couple received backlash from those closest to them.

She says, “Not only did I have a failed marriage, I also had an illegitimate baby while I was separated and from someone no one knew about.

“At the time, that person also had a completely different legacy – an African Caribbean background – which was just an absolute no-no, given the racism that prevails across the board, and particularly in the South Asian culture of Punjabi.”

Shobna’s son has followed the TV star into acting and so far has “done a few plays and really enjoys live theater”.

How old is Shobna Gulati?

Shobna was born on August 7, 1966.

She is currently 54 years old.

Shobna Gulati Celebrity Best Home Chefs
Shobna Gulati had a busy love life (Image credit: BBC One)

Where does Shobna come from?

Shobna was born in Oldham, Lancashire to Hindu Indian parents.

She grew up in the Salcombe area of ​​Openshaw, Manchester, where actress Sarah Lancashire was a friend.

The actress holds a degree in Arab and Middle Eastern Politics from the University of Manchester.

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