Why does Bernice wear a wig in Emmerdale? Samantha Giles explains everything

Emmerdale viewers wondered if Bernice Blackstock was wearing a wig when she returned to soap on Thursday.

But actress Samantha Giles says she may be wearing a wig, but for a very good reason.

The veteran soap actress, 49, says she can’t get hair styling from the Emmerdale team.

This is due to COVID-19 restrictions, which means all Emmerdale stars will now have to do their own makeup and hair.

Have you seen Bernice’s wig? (Photo credit: ITV)

Why does Bernice wear a wig in Emmerdale?

But Samantha said that her natural hair is so coarse that she needs professional help.

It was therefore decided to provide her with a wig until the restrictions are lifted.

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Samantha explained in a press briefing: “The hair, there is no point pretending it’s not a wig because I’m sure Mrs Jones at Tunbridge Wells will write and say, ‘She’s wearing a wig!'”

Then she added, “I really had to have a wig because I have very, very, very thick, coarse, frizzy hair and I can’t do it myself.

“Bernice is a hairdresser, so she’s obviously going to look nothing less than a coiffed look.”

Bernice Emmerdale
Bernice’s usual hair is coiffed and blown out (Image credit: ITV)

How do the Emmerdale viewers react?

Indeed, viewers noticed the wig and a few poked fun at it on Twitter.

One viewer tweeted, “Is it me or does it look like Bernice is wearing a wig? #Emmerdale. “

Meanwhile, another viewer claimed, “#Emmerdale isn’t the best wig. You’d think they could afford a better one. “

And a third user commented, “Bernice’s wig has 15 minutes of fame. #Emmerdale. “

Samantha Giles wig on Emmerdale
Samantha Says Her Natural Hair Is Coarse (Credit: ITV)

A fourth user argued, “What about Bernice and the awful wig #Emmerdale.”

While a fifth user said: “Diane has a wig, Bernice has a wig – when will Gabby get her wig? #Emmerdale. “

Bernice has returned to Emmerdale after quitting soap in 2019 when they celebrated their wedding to Dr. Cavanagh canceled.

She fled to Australia with her daughter Dee Dee when she learned that her daughter’s father was not doing well.

Samantha said she took some time off the soap to focus on her writing.

She is now a bestselling author and said she would love to get back to soap as Bernice has many unfinished storylines.

However, reconciliation with the doctor is unlikely.

Samantha said, “She moved on pretty quickly when she went to Australia and forgot about him.

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“I think coming back has more to do with her pride: the fact that he’s with someone else. ‘How dare he?’ – that he should fall at her feet to ask her forgiveness and try again, but he is not. “

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