Why Emmerdale MUST kill Jamie Tate

There have been so many fake deaths in Emmerdale that half the village can be considered immortal – but Jamie Tate can’t be one of them.

Kim Tate started doing this decades ago, faking her death in a car accident, and returned to see her wealthy husband die of a heart attack while she was perfecting her Lippy.

Emmerdale’s Jamie Tate drove into a lake apparently faking his own death (Image Credit: ITV)

But since then, more reanimated corpses have wandered through the village than in the zombie apocalypse.

And it has to stop.

Just a few weeks ago we faked her death to Kim again – complete with dedicated actors, nefarious intrigue and even flashbacks for the audience.

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And this week it looks like her son Jamie has followed suit.

Fans watched as Kim pick up some flowers from J.

At first she thought they were from Joe Tate – and we didn’t all hope so – but then she discovered new information.

A lot of the money had gone from the vet accounts, and Gabby told her about Jamie planning to run away with Dawn Taylor.

This must be the biggest leap in logic the Dales have seen since Pierce killed Graham – Kim decided this was all evidence that Jamie had survived.

Oh, how she crowed with pride that her brilliant son had finally proven himself worthy of her.

Ignores the fact that viewers literally saw Jamie drive into a lake, we now assume that Jamie is alive.

Presumably he’s running through the Dales planning his revenge on his mother.

Fans are already convinced that he will enter the Home Farm, Kim will have a heart attack, and he will grab Millie and a bag of cash and take off in a helicopter, as is the custom with the Tate.

But that would be a mistake.

Is Jamie Tate Dead? (Photo credit: ITV)

Jamie Tate MUST DIE in Emmerdale

If Emmerdale is to stop the tremors and, above all, make the audience believe – Jamie Tate must die.

Instead of having Jamie reappear safe and sound during Super Soap Week, have his body found.

No grainy CCTV pictures showing him alive in a bank in Europe.

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No surprise revealed with a hoodie and makeup mirror.

Just found a body and the drama that follows.

This is the only way to get back the soap they deserve. And it will be way more impressive than stunts in a row and one more resurrection.

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