Why is Captain Sir Tom Moore pictured with Cliff Richard and Russ Abbot?

Captain Sir Tom Moore was pictured in one of his last photos with 1980s music legend Sir Cliff Richard and comedy star Russ Abbot.

However, social media has been confused about why Cliff Richard was dating Russ Abbot.

After all, it’s a pretty random selection of celebs.

Who was in the picture with Captain Sir Tom Moore?

A Cliff Richard news account posted the picture on Twitter after Cliff himself shared it on Facebook.

It was taken during Captain Tom’s family vacation in Barbados before Christmas.

The group shot showed a relaxed Captain Tom lying on a seat in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt.

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On either side were 80-year-old Cliff and 73-year-old Russ.

Over on Cliff’s Facebook page, he wrote, “How privileged Russ Abbot and I were to meet this most wonderful man while visiting Barbados!

“He was easy to be with and I understand why Sir Captain Tom was such an inspiration to us all. Rest in peace.”

Captain took a much-needed break (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Why was Captain Tom pictured with Cliff and Russ?

Captain Tom and his family flew to the sunny Caribbean island on December 11, 2020 after telling them he would like to visit them.

The family flew before travel restrictions came into effect.

While in Barbados, Captain Tom met the two legends.

Why? Reports say they both have vacation homes on the island and retreat there every year for the much-needed winter sun.

How did the fans react?

Fans were confused by the picture, stunned by the seemingly random celebrities.

One said, “I knew he was going to Barbados, but why were Cliff Richard and Russ Abbott there? What’s happening?”

Is that Russ Abbot? What’s happening?

Another wrote, “Is that Russ Abbot?”

The photo of Captain Tom with Sir Cliff & Soot Abbott in Barbados is too much for my timeline! “Another giggled.

Another tweeted an imaginary phone conversation between Russ and Cliff.

RING RING Hello? Cliff, that’s it Soot. Soot? Abbot, you know, atmosphere. Oh right Captain TomIs on the island, do you want to bend over him? DO I ?! ” They said.

People across the country paid tribute to Captain Tom
People across the country paid tribute to Captain Tom (Photo credit: SplashNews.com)

A trip on the bucket list for Captain Sir Tom Moore

While Captain Tom’s visit to Barbados ended an incredible 2020 for the centenarian, 2021 began with bad news.

Upon his return, news reported that he had contracted pneumonia.

And after a hospital stay, he tested positive for COVID-19.

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The nation, who died on Tuesday (February 2), paid tribute to the war veteran and his inspiration.

People of all ages joined a special national gossip for Captain Tom last night (February 3rd) as a special tribute.

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